Placeholder ImageI struggle on this journey to 125 year’s. I have seen something that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.
As a result, though the trauma and bullying, harassment, sundering life was tuff.
During the school year’s I struggle in being pic on, the ugly duckling you would say, but I retrieved some wonderful skill while other partied, enjoyed the football games, dances with the inter school association.
I leaned in being by self, the act of babysit, clean houses [military tents] during the summer, and assist kids maintaining a horse [where I learned to western and English Ride] and love it.
My very first job was Nanny, wow babies become attached, and mother can become angry when the children want their nannie more than them.
Now, there is my passion, taking care of the elder before leaving this wonderful earth. I see them as the pathway of life, listening to their story of what they had accomplish through they up and down while being young, to where they are now. The memory they can tell, paints a picture of a million maps, turns, and steps you would have to their to understand.
Afterward, I moved on to where my father assisted me in moving on into government agency work, [Veteran Affairs]. During my education skill set, this intuition provided all the schooling and education, I could mustard. Then it end with upset patient throw a full mental bedpan at me when I turned, I was down on my knee, and in the hospital I went. Sleeping with chair in your bed is not fun. I was blessed after years had gone by to come in second place for a national trophy called the Guides Principles reward for the state of California. That day told me I was great and going places. I then learn everything I could about nursing agencies, adult family home [how they are ran, what are the laws, what is the inspection about]. Now, this position kept you on your toes and is challenging day to day, just because you did not know what to expect.
After, traveling and journeying with patient our commanding chief asked guys and girls for help, I took it upon myself in know that was me as well and when back into the government agency after family and traveling.

In April 2010, I witness a code on my watch, and had to make a choice or doing wrong or right, I chose right.

In doing right you have to cry out to the Lord for help. You go from being the champ, to being call a Rat, snake, and others. Here is where I learn about codes within codes, agencies with in agencies, and finally military personal via civil service. Now after I did the right thing is discover when the powerhouse want to get around being crude, just stay within policy, allow things to grab out.
To continue….

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