A cement chest, haled me back today.  Customer Servers was a little on the sassy side from the front desk clerk. Wow, doctors offices are changing all around use.

Now,moving on, into, the venture of locating the Red Cross Annex office. Life must move forward even when you have slow days. I can remember talking with our elderly, one thing they always have said, to kept  young is keep those bones moving.

A women I have know for over 35 years has to stay in a Nursing House after a lung surgery. The sister tried to keep her at home but it became to much. So, she settled in her mind the Nursing facility is home.

It’s amazing how the individual we know on our journey of aging [61] keep at bay.

I think God, that I have The Trinity Broadcasting Network to get me through every day. Pop Couch left to go be with the Lord first, and soon after Mama Couch joined him. I love what Matt and Lori have done with TBN. It wonderful to wake-up to hope and grace, instead of the negative of news sending your nerves into a turmoil .


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