Hey, there everyone, this evening has just been so for filling, okay, while worldly individual think they can explore my bubble. NOT !

Yes, I place a popcorn bag in the mico-wave and had forgotten to wipe the glass plate. What’s up, especially when you want your living space [out kitchen before you come home]. Roommates! Women, can never live together when the living area are not spread apart. Different area’s of the home {level’s being in a basement or the overhanging of the house}.

I understand, Renting out room’s you need the money. Great, but you don’t need to be so micro–manage -ing.

I need to read Psalms 23, 27, 37, 121, & 91 , [ A warfare Prayer before starting your Day], and hope you all will join me in this Reading.pexels-photo-28750

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