Good Day,

It would seem my EEOC package arrived in Washington D C.  Why! When you work in the Veteran Administration System’s and do the Right thing, there is always a tap dance. Now, what do I mean by that. The Power of Someone’s title on their chest comes as play tool. In my cases,now nine Supervisors, and counting, when I legate an issues individual get nervous in there shoes. Another words through my eye’s un human. You have know say, but to tolerate the licensing staff chemical of choice.  We have discover between patient care is a line of look-outs.

Because it is a combination of housekeeping, perfumes, bugs killer, and what every else I have notice them sending through a hospital ceiling space / venting ducks. What does the hospital  V 22 director, think of this ball Barbaric act to License Nurses, Doctor, and Practitioner. Would you want this TYPE of individual  providing care for your love one. We are here to keep patients safe under the licenses of facility and staff working.

My Answer is NO, What your?

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