The weekend, was just about the joy of just cooking, clearing for the week’s to come. I did not do what I like on some day’s and that is to camp out in a Restaurant , purchase a meal. Afterwards, would come home and take those left over to add my herb, seasoning, and creamer of choice. Boy, talk about fun.

On the high note the Lamb is ready, wrap in roasted seaweed sheets. Now, I guess your wondering what would I do with the left overs. Look, think about it, you have turkey, Lamb, cheese, and tortillas’ right. Good, what you do is, chop the two meats together, then fried opinions until the end are brown, add salt pepper etc. Now, full the tortillas’ add red sauces then roll then out in a Pan. Poor the rest of you red sauces over fork hold throughout. Cheese on top 1/8 inch thick and bake for about 45mins. Set the pan out for cooling, and enjoy.

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