In the fact finder, today was two questions 1) rude supervisor who had witness another supervisor injury my wrist with a door, hmm..conflict of inter . 2) The telephone
  1. When you have a supervisory, in your office and the voice becomes loud do you feel comfortable. NO
  2. Like instructed at police workshop, you keep the upset individual between anything. The other thing you do is walk them and place yourself between counters or door. In my case I chose door.
  3. She said I was rude, okay.
  4. Then the question of  trust
  5. Yes, I felt like supervisor was going to hurt me they start off be loud while in the examination room, over my right shoulder, the loud became a distraction for not only me, but all that could hear, and witness the indent happening.
  6. Administration chain of comment
  7. You would call, 911. The hospital has a written notification if I was to go into[ Fully carpeted] employee health No documents is to be written, and I am not a Veteran which doesn’t allow facility Emergency
    Room visit at Veteran Affairs.[Call 911]
    Telephone’s in the government agency belong to them, and if you have a group of click’s in the  I T department who want to keep the switch off let them..
    Meanwhile, I use my personal cellphone when need and No they do not help with the BILL.
    This accrued because I have had to call notify the National I T help desk, more than thirteen time’s . Present the individual conducting the Fact Finder with –Work order [WO].sheets


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