Back in the day I was give the opportunity to educate, sharpen skill, and learn from those who had been in the VA Affairs agencies for years without agenda.

We learn as we worked through the day’s.

There was struggles with our soldiers and anger, pain and concerns if they would make it back into the social world, or families, friends, what if’s

Now, As employee’s leave with those skills of teaching are out the door

Hospital are know let with, No more skill training, No more care for the employee’s Joy.

Yes, joy, if there is joy, you force, you have anticipation in which to look forward to at the Job station

Friendly, smiles, grouping, togetherness, diversity pot luck, etc.

What happen to the educating, without having agenda

What happen to helping others sharpening there saw’s into greatness

What happen to trusting in the work place without the bullying, harassment, and torture.

Titled Worker:

Swollen heard, without any creative thoughts, for building on what the departments  already has

Presenting your team half a task / program/ project without know the capability of its assistance to the organization future.

Give full recognition to the individual who’s help you get that pat on the shoulder

Be carful and mindful of your disability works, weather  injury were sub stand from the work place, military, motor vehicle, or birth.

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