This has been a very interesting Last 48hr, I mean, while at work on Friday the hate and angry that was pouring out of the eye’s of employees’  amongst the Transition Center was just amazing. The staff  were not a where of the things other were doing behind there backs that cause ALL of the different chain of events happening in the UNIT.

I wonder what these grown people would have done if the table were turned in their directions and not [Marie Sylvia Ann Bonaparte] mind. Don’t the staff know when you care under a license for healing the sick, you are to honor, not only your families life but the ones you are responsible in a medical facility. Even those that are walking, wheeling, or just bent as employee or patient it is in your power to heal not harm.

Now, we must wait until the New President arrives in position to see.

Well, we will have to see what will take place underneath the New Name of the Long Beach VA healthcare system to ” Tibor Rubin” there learning of yet another Director of the LBVA.

Maybe, with congress help, the evil, of the soul’s will no longer like their JOB, will be better with children, kids, child’s right.

Another words some individual do not do well working with adults.

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