What about RACE through your career choices.


Okay, I work with the Long Beach VA, healthcare division, and I did not understand the concepts of what the old co-worker were talking about until the last couple of year. The meaning of you can work here until you drop dead, but there are a couple of things you will and cannot due.

+ Not harm an employee or patient

+ Any and ALL Veteran is number one, so that gives them to go ahead and the key to do what they want. Another words for your safety, just pair up with one and your safe at all time.

+ finally, even though we have different government organization in place, that doesn’t mean you will receive results quickly, or in some cases facility and agency will use policy toward you.

I see this as a type of RACE.

Why it there, well the government agency, is are not helping with the exercise program there for more and more illness are accruing throughout.

Resolve: breaks away from the computer’s, walking around the buildings –facilities in which they work without be bullied back to the station in which work. Therefore, you would possible see more creative, and better team works instead of low self a steam before you.

Resolve: if possible and you are a corporation or government cross train the employee through different shifts, and encourage creative amongst employees’ [another words ask for their opinions, and given them credit for what they bring to the table].

Resolve: if Veteran are involved it might help them become a helpful individual and not coming out as I will show you, attitude.


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