S A D N E S S                                               S A D N E S S

I understand when you work for the Veteran Administration the Vet’s are first. We as civil service employee’s are here to assistant them in re-getting stimulated into the social world around them. There homes, family, and career; community.

What is being done, with the stronger minded using them through there military umbrella’s to gain harm to others. Like today’s transition center was coupling with military and civil service in war behind door to see how much of the chemical they can spray at any one given time.

Now, myself  I wear’s a respiratory, on seen. What happen when the mistaking of two chemicals even more come together and causes gases in the room and you have staff down.  Okay what about those who do not, have protection. What about those that use oxygen tank or other type of aspirates to make their lungs comfortable. It would seem the Nurses, Nurse Practitioner, and doctor behind the WALL of OP-267 don’t care. Hmm. it’s truly become a daily game of happiest through a legal license on thy person.

Any commits corporate officials or business owner.


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