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Fantastic Peaceful

My day was fantastic, happy, and yes I can say even peaceful.

I have follow-up, with the Office of Resolution (ORM), and we are pushing ahead into level two, which

means the ” Tibor Rubin” VA Medical Center can take up to 180 day, before getting back with a decision of finalization.

As a result, I would be looking forward since there has been nine plus supervisor in which the facility has changed. Staff member have been shifted around, title changed, extension changed, therefore you can or cannot locate them in any correct level of status.

My position as Medical Staff Support / Analysis Assistant is great, only because number’s show the true over all communications.

Do noted, the perfumes, chemical are still being sprayed through the venting system, wall or when every down time amongst the license employee’s

I still say, if they were cross trained their bosses can move them elsewhere in which to HELP other clinic and staff members. I mean documentation is documentation right. This would provide possibly less waiting time for our VET.


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