This pass ending week was quiet understanding in the Administration VA Long Beach,  system’s.

New, nurse on deck to locate and evaluate the area, spray’s his chemical, along with writing his notes of document to reaction from OP-247.

Administration [HAS & HR] continual like to reminded me that they had and area to relocated but I refused what they chose therefore No Movement from the chemical environment 2nd floor, building 126 A.

Left the floor with a burn skin, eye’s on fire, but that is the daily plan of these licensed civil service and military employee’s.

Just think they are mother, father, sister and brother.

Some of the Transition Center Staff took care of patient visits, other prepared for their week-end, customer service clinic to help an assist solider in material, education, and how, why the program would work for them. Saturday everyone is on deck, doing what it is there are suppose to under the knowledge, skill, and material directions under June S. Callasan program.


Question everyone stick with me to see what level of harm will be upon us.

This journey to 125…

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