1/31/17 Tuesday, in my leaving a staff member was removing a paper grown, we do not use that material in the transition center location. Gloves smelled pretty badly.

Wow, the day starts off, with a patient in a room by 07:00hr, with a nurse pulled from another area of the facility.

Then once, it had been acknowledged, Sylvia Bonaparte was on the computer system, located building 126 – A OP-247 examination room, the chemical then started coming out of all area in which staff member are anger OP-260, OP-258, OP-251, OP-252 &OP- 256. Well at less, the Veteran waiting period has become shorter, staff is in there room doing notes on their patient and catching up on voicemails which involves patient care.

Office of Resolution Manager (ORM), follow-up today.

Someone said what they are: help government worker with dispute [we will keep it simple]

The Whitehouse received there letter marked confidence for the commander in chief’s [Obama]. I am told Obama will receive his after his vacationing with family.


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