No Care for Civil Service Seasonal Employee’s at the Long Beach, VA – future Name change to  “Tibor Rubin” .

This has been a week of notification, Washington D.C. has chosen their New Director, starting 6th February 2017, Monday. During all the changes of directorship gossip amongst the Sector Chief, Manager, Supervisory & Supervisor have been as bad, another words trust out the Door.

I mean if you go to your supervisor [All Administration] about something it known, becomes a gossiping tool for destruction.

So, far I see Mr. D. Thompson, Assist Director, A. Johnson, Chief /Labor Relation, listen and have shown they have an open door of communication.

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As a result, the week end with E. Minero, claiming clinic task she had provided was OPEN and I had access to, when in realty it was really closed,  Delta Team was still placing it together for , New Registered Nurse assigned.

She, sent the Leads up to OP-247 examination room to convey, the final out come of decision after, trying to start confutation.

OP-247, is the same area in which I have LUNCH, my food spread out:, so those who have LUNCH different to my schedule still have the space time in disrupting my eating time of thirty minutes to spray up.

Question for Corporate employees:

If your seating in your lunch room and notice chemical coming through the ceiling as you eat…

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