My 07:00hr, Transition and Care Management Services (TCM) has a patient into the examination room.
Then, afterwards the construction underneath me started, with debree coming through the Venting System, along with dust.
Notified,  the Safety & Emergency Managing Service’s / industrial Hygienist, Chief office Mr. James M. Bachman. The Secretary / Clerk, forward me over to Scott Williams, Jim’s assist. Who then informed me
I must notified the supervisor, direct contact from there is  M. Sagent, Lead .
After the air quality testing was completed, Supervisor Minero comes back to inform me that the door must remind open [cracked] so  you can receive better circulation in the room, so the chemical your complaining about can get out.
She wanted to know when the addressing of this issues beginning, 2/3/17 Friday.
Ely, my wonderful Local Reasonable Accommodation Coordinator ( LRAC) generated the Air Quality Check.
As result I asked Mr. Bachman, if the Vent could be turned off, due to strong flow of Air. Next, I asked about the vents, chemical, debree, and will they be swabbing them.
The engineering team will come and clean out the vents as well as dust everything need.  Jame, then asked was the done, did not know.
He, then checked, closely at the Respiratory in which I am wearing on face for numbers, and what it actually consist of. I then informed him  the facility has a copy of the Toxicologists letter of concern’s and request, [would you like a copy, YES, it was them presented as such].
Dr. Ghan S. Lohiya MD. Now, for anyone looking  this guy is Great, Toxicologist he’s it in my book.

sympathy goes out to Ernest Moore Jr. Family’s, we were told Ernest pass a way yesterday 2/8/17. Ernest a powerhouse military, was a happy individual to be around. He love to teaches those who were interested in listening and learning.  He was a man of the Air Force, and work for the Department of Defense (DOD) before coming over in the Long Beach VA, Call Center.

Ernest Moore Jr. You’ll Be Missed here.

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