February  10th   2017,          HARMING / “APP & software / Mentoring others right
To All my reader, I was asked a great Question Today. WHY, if the Long Beach VA, staff is harming you and the evidence is in place do you stay?
Answer:  it is not about them, childless behavior, it is about the Veteran. The Veteran Administration would need to force on the individual clinic’s and area that are low, on patient care & non- computer actives through “ Electronic Communication’s Privacy Act, COMSEC regulation,  non-disclosure statures, OMB Circular A-130, for starter [www.oprm.va.gov/privacy] for my technical user viewing.
Once, they complete the clinic’s and area that have no more patient load, a “App” would notify these, Administration Official / Officer, Business Manager to which meeting of systems, brainstorming , or minds  would then let them be a were of the clinic’s needing  help and deploy them to the appropriated arena in location Agency needs.
As a result, I am looking for a particular employee’, and another co-worker informs me while they are off, I just saw them in the Nail Shop. Wows, quiet a meeting!
Secondly, we have the regional military individual here [for Wounded Warrior] all day collecting a paycheck, but no patients scheduled.
Finally, after all the different meetings, plaining groups and programs, and possible New Education, be gather for the future, money is being spend, just because and no parents for GOOD mentoring in site.
Now, your face with another question does that person mentoring trust, there skills, and knowledge in which to pass the stick toward with pride.
That the Government Dollar Hard at Work. YES.
Good afternoon, I have been ask, another question. Our chief of the division set the tone for which everyone below them work, I do  detect your Administration don’t seem to like you.
Answer: Okay, well I am a stronger will individual with a creative mind, soul, & skill that I see could correct some of the issues that have VINED into the Long Beach organization.
The nurses’ executives, at the time of transferring to  Day Shift, then put into place I wasn’t allowed to attend Town hall Meetings [did want employee’s to be distracted of the Respiratory Mask in which I wear during my work], If I am to go into Employee’s Health with injury, no documentation. Therefore, it presented a hostile work environment which has presses through gossip groups and sessions.
 Example of that, is when I was on a Vacation Administration complied for me to take back in August
2016. I come back to find, the 1st paycheck, okay, and then the second okay.
 Now, you know we have item for our house, children, grandchildren on auto pilot right. Well the third check in calibration was to be a full check, HAS, secretary check and on their menu, look as if things were sent. No, HAS and HR, did not link the paper upon return well in my face my actual Chief Namely, Ava Pamela Womack did her dance from the door to a file cabinet, while flying her hair in the AIR, Your just come back therefore you don’t received a full check. I don’t know which was worst, not being able to feed the family or this person I am to trust with my career, life, and my families live hood dancing from the door to a file cabinet. Talk about a kick in the face.
I thought if she’s that way, it Is time to step off and which closely the rest underneath her. Yap, it is there too.
No, passion for what you do, but  just a paycheck.
If you’re in the click of choices, differ for Friday 10 2017
Back At You How Would You Feel, React…if your in mind Shoe…Death Do You Part…
Eiram55, journey to 125

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