We went to OP-108 in which to collect assignment, but Administration did not present sheets until after 08:00hr [marked sheets 8:05hr].
 The Government VALB is trying  richness, of some changes it would see, but we still have the problems of gossiping, official who are causing the truth underneath them for toilet level. It is meanly those who are fearful of speaking up in what you hear or see. WHY is that?
 Let take the gossiping, this happens because individual in the work place really do not like their JOB (corporate American icon of “Just over Broke”). Set back & watch them, comfortable where they seat, stomach become larger and larger with the wrong foods being place to mouth.
 Our military at its finest, now while F. Gonzalez, MPH, RN Case has time to continue  spraying chemical from her office, she seem to allow her fellow soldier to wait in the waiting until her examination room air out  before calling.
 Now, remember this is the same solider who’s wearing gloves as applying sprays into the AIR,
which is why  burring of the skin & eyes accrues.
 OP-249, examination room has TRI care patient moving about, therefore chemical are being, used to clean examination table.
 Spray times: 09:39hr, 10:17 [OP-267 guarded], MSA heading out to lunch, and the changes of Guard to the business manager/ program analysis’s for Transition Center.
A waiting your responses.

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