February 17, 2017

Listen up,All you Adult with teen’s or children just taken your vehicles from the yard / apartment/ or RV parks’ without your permission is Not Good.

Look with the technology that is in place for cars, cellphones, and backpacks you can either have a visual to would you child is doing or see. Now, personally, I believe this is another area in which our M A D D needs to come in. This Texting, Gaming, and even just conversation, whoever is driving need’s to pay attention to the road in which traveling.

When, you pile into another car, you are hurting someone or maybe could KILL them. Please explain / have a conversation about which out for the other‘s on the road, Not what going on in the your vehicles.

Beside when you’re older it takes longer time to heal.


After, making an introduction with one of the Engagement Committee, coordinator last week, it would seem conversation did take place.

DMO, J. Arcaro, had taken care of an issue while I was out for a couple of days and we are delighted to see what will come from it.

The waiting area [scheduled appointment} is being control, very well with solider not having to seat for the long periods of time, because this location, has now some additional clinic Women’s Mental, Tri –Care, to name a few.

Spray, flow is still the same, OP-267, 231 [lunch room hallway] & from the tower, hallway ending at West 214,[10:25hr, 11:25hr, 11:58hr, 12:40hr. 3:43hr] locations. According to engineering OP-247 has the ending duct heavy flow therefore is unable to change it. Well, I must find out from J. Bachman, safety here at Long Beach, VA healthcare

System if this really true.

Then in ending:

From: Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia Sent: Tuesday, February 21, 2017 8:42 AM To: Arcaro, Jeffrey; Payne, Gisele A (Long Beach); Minero, Elva Y Cc: Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia Subject: A Communication from John Clemens / w June S. Callasan -listening & present

February 21, 2017

Greetings, [ for clarification from Administration]

On Friday 2/17/2017

In returning back to OP-247 after turning in assignment for the DAY,  J. Celemens, business manager/program assistant for June S. Callasan, supervisors of Transition Center inform me of a conversation that had taken place with G. Payne, YOU ARE TO BE gone / out office, she is your Sector chief correct [J. Callasan listening], I am just  instructing, don’t look at this as micro-managing. Besides it is Raining, you can leave, and then in collecting my personal belonging  which to exit the facility. Clemens then came back to inform, that Neal [housekeeping leaded called to mop up the water] witness June S. Callasan, Supervisor with her back at use during communication. USA army G Verdine witness the engaged conversation.

Hamm, question -So, that mean’s I am now underneath “Healthcare Group – HCG again, then, I would like to know since June S. Callasan, is Now my supervisor for the second time around Does this mean I start my shift when She and John Clemens, arriving on tour @ 09:00hr -17:00hr.

Jeffery Arcaro, DMO & G. Payne, will Elva Minero be bring a memo from Human Recourses (HR) through your office as before, about the change.

John Clemens and June s. Callasan didn’t present me with document of decision, in the pass when changes are communicated through June S. Callasan she present a letter of notification signature by the Nurse Executive (Mr. Cory Ramsey) of Long Beach VA.

Ms. Marie Sylvia Ann Bonaparte

Health Administration Service (HAS)

“Tibor Rubin”

VA Healthcare System


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