This has been the day the Lord, has made.

The middle city children, the teens can be the scariest, just to receive free money into their pockets which turns a train ride into, HELL.

First of all is the language in which comes from the mouths’, and then in questing them as to why you are speaking this way, ALL the response is I DON’T care. So, many of these young teen could go into moldering, college, technical school, if they would just apply themselves, but they don’t want to.

Underground cash is quicker for the liking.

As you become older, you cannot help to wonder if you would end up with one of them taken care of YOU.

I like the OLDER gentlemen stated at our age all we have is the Lord.

All though I am working only half day, it is a pretty good afternoon of kindness and friendship moving around the floor.

One clinic is down with NOT much; accept for what seem to be is catch up work.

The two joining clinic, seem to have soldier that need attention.

Great, they are getting the message; people went home early as should.

Heard, from the VHALON Engagement Committee, it looks if the organization is trying to help with improvements behind the scene.

I’ll keep up posted.

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