It is interesting when, you bring evidence and information to the facility in which you work and then watch there very soul go spoil.

Eye’s to the floor in shame.
The BACK as you approach.
If you’re not part of my career, why the concern to harasses me?
As a result, they become uncomfortable in my presents.
I was instructed after given medication [employee’s health] for an incident that had happened at my place of work on 2/23/17 (Thursday). What was I to doing? Follow-up with your own doctor, and the cream I have order cannot be applied until the wounds close. Okay. Who’s response for the cost of my doctors following –up on something in which clearly happen[LBVA]in at your facility. What staff members will be responsibly of injury?
EEOC, Government program are supposed to protect civil service one’s, can someone explain to me where in the world do you see this.
Then government requires follow-up on these computer pop-up, Your mandatory class must be complete through the polices systems. Okay, Okay I will completed Now.
That’s a rap, until we conversation again.


Well, the facility is allowing the staff through EEOC to see me for a follow-up incident which happened on 2/23/17 after 15:00hr time. The smart think I did is go through the Health Administration Service (HAS) as instructed. WHY, once again, I had an emergency & the people with whom I need to make contact, was possible in a meeting and unavailable. HAS, sectary at her desk as usual I then informed her of what was accruing and that I needed to get into ER. I then noticed, the HAS sectary was engaging, Ava Pamela Womack (Chief) for conformation in which to allow care at LBVA emergency room [not a veteran /humanitarian employee status].

Employee health hours are shortening 06:30hr – 15:30hr, possible to cover shifts needing service.

Appointment has been made with Worker’s Compensation for Tuesday in charge Teri Wheeler, along with the information for U.S. Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA).

Meanwhile, August 2016 issues and incident is being looked over, for evidence and validation that occurred. 

Please continue to leave your question toward the bottom.

Have a great Day!

Eiram55, journey to 125

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