This week has been quiet interesting.
+ followed up with worker’s compensation department
+ followed up with ORM / Labor Relation

After the New employee’s chosen  working at the Transition Center were left to ventured out on their own. Then went to ask question from seasonal employee’s already stationary in the location. Printer menu’s holding back scanner / printing/ and the Black boxes have been investigated /copied to retrieve answer in the search.

Reported the 10/24/2016, New supervisor is and was the integrators to injuries in and accrued around OP-247. E. Minero, decision to have and director the staff along with the are of 213, W-214, OP-267 -Transition Center staff with mental health doctor suggest and documents. She would speak with J. Clemens/ and he would gossip the information over into C & P, Nurse Practitioner’s and any All he comes in contact with., There’s is what turns  them to place chemical’s of choice in there pockets while walking though the Hallway.

Then process to see patients, wait until he or she has then start spraying what every is in their hands.

As a result, compare notes of what chemical  do  Sylvia Bonaparte react {especially the ones cause her to couch}.

Some select  purchasing or from home / then let at the back of vehicle.

Administration Office for the Maryann Childs [being paid on the double blade side of payroll’s] Jeannette Iturrino, engaged into conversation about what is happening to and around me While working Day’s at LBVA Tibor Rubin.

After listen, just informed her the Government does what I chooses, and kept walking.

Additional Police Team:

Angela Nuachuku, Administrative Officer – C & P

Michael D. Lauder, Administrative Assistant – C & P department front desk

We lost our William [Bill] Meek, 1St supervisor as in returning back to the Long Beach VA System on 2/11/17, the same day as W. Huston.

Hope everyone did remember Ash Wednesday this pass week.

A day of fasting, it the first day of Lent in Western Christianity. The period of self-restraint and abstention for Christian prior to Easter. A day of repentance, prayer and

self control.

It occurs 46 days before Easter.

Keep the Question coming, will be at that location this week.

Eiram55, journey to 125

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