The whistleblower of the


Long Beach VA, really have a New Director Walt Dannenberg. Now we will have to watch if he will stays pass two year or more like the others of our pass generation.

The meet and greet was worth the efforts in which was made, a face to face side bar Carpet Free.


Thank you email present as follows:


RE: Face to face

Dannenberg, Walt C

Sent: Thu 3/9/17 4:19PM

To:   Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia


It was nice to meet you as well yesterday.  Thank you for taking time to come down and meet with me.

Wishing you all the best,

Walt Dannenberg, FACHE

Medical Center Director

VA Long Beach Healthcare System

From: Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia Sent: Thursday, March 09, 2017 10:37 AM To: Dannenberg, Walt C Cc: Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia Subject: Face to face

March 9, 2017


Thanks for allowing our face to face Meet and  Greet on 3/7/17 @ 11:58hr

Ms. Marie Sylvia Ann Bonaparte

Health Administration Service (HAS)

“Tibor Rubin”

VA Healthcare System

Maybe the Tibor Rubin Veteran Affairs will now come back to its organically self underneath New Directorship. While at this levels of employment has shown an open and present them as an open door.

I must say the VHALON Engagement Committee, has a big plus in my book, and for those of you in the Veteran Affairs system’s you might want to find out if their one in your facility as well.

This is a group of individual who at ALL levels of executive management staff within your hospital can help with question and answers, between you and your Director. As a result, they can send “Advise” to the correct individual and carbon copy [CC] you in waiting for responses. Isn’t this GREAT!

Question               And       And           Answers

  1. I saw you out the other day and you look like one BIG blaster. Great Question.

Was seating in examination room at work know as office to some, prepare for dinner date when some elements had vapored from the ceiling, and fall on my skin. Thanks for your concern, LBVA is handling the care & working with my doctors. I am hoping my skin will be nice by summer time, okay.

  1. You haven’t spoken about your work environment for a wild.

Well, because the work environment is still the same, and until the Administration in which I am underneath listen, then things will still as is. Remember as I have stated in my pass blogging when you work with individual who will not go home after their clinic a completed, and choice to be part in torturing a federal employee. Then, it becomes what would Jesus do.[WWJD].

The people in charge of the harm have everything they need outside in their Car’s or can purchase anything almost from the long beach VA store on campus.

  1. Have you reach out to the Whitehouse. Wow, another GREAT question.

Yes, I have, keeping them informed and monitoring each week or two. Remember I have officially been underneath nine and counting Supervisor’s during the changes happening here.

When you have consent flip flopping going on though facilities the New person statement is ALWAYs I was not here during that period, when that happen’ s, so feet are draped along.

  1. After all that has happened would you feel comfortable in introducing the Veteran Administration to anyone? NO, Not at this time!
  2. Do you still enjoy the JOB,
  3. I am here for the solider that do not have that voice, and if you look closer, there are a number of them [nursing homes, spinal cord injury, blind, hearing impaired] etc.
  4. If the New Director would ask the question what can we do to improve, what’s your answer.

Wow, another great question-

I saw, through memo a buddy system, where stronger individual who LOVE their job can train correctly, and not feel threatened. As a result, here my concern would be how many can still force, and have personal; family affairs in order so the person inter shipping will feel qualified upon leaving. In the late 1960’s early 1970’s people were fighting to get the education you could take from Veteran Affairs, but after the powerhouse educator let, NO MORE.

Another words it’s about who’s in who’s pockets get first rodeo, and it not both to the for front and tickets are not kept for the next time.

In closing it is ALL About Passion.

Okay, everyone, I appreciated the question I was able to see fast.

Will response again soon.


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