On my embarking into work on the train, learn a 15 year old, was killed over a pair of RED SHOES, his parent had just purchased for HIM.
Can you believe individual would not go to work, but would Robbie a child over some shoes, which he possible had to do household duties?
Parents, allow your child to wear their sport comfortable so they went be hurt over a newly purchased pair of shoes.
God bless the parent and the child sole.
Well yet, another good working is leaving the hospital, going over to the Department of Defense (DOD), I wish you will.
Privacy Office has sent the information in which to receive a copy of the Air Quality in and around OP-247. Great person, he to even had his and assistant offices detailed.
In returning OP-247, Ms. Diane Carmelle Cascalla RN, paid for by VA Tibor Rubin Medical Centers, educational program, was spraying a chemical up in the venting system from OP-232, while training, one LVN and originating another Register Nurse for June, her supervisor of Transition Center, newly named “Transition and Care Management Services (TCM). As a result, exited, into the elevator down stairs, the young boy LVN, then language with joy, as going down. WOW!
The afternoon, is about 74 today, construction going on all over the hospital it would seem[front-South, lab’s west end, and in the back’s North end].
Did anyone out there look closely at the Agency-by-Agency budgets by Trump.
Department of Education:
At this time, we still do not pay our teacher enough money, especially for those chose to work the inter cities.
Environmental Protection Agency:
This would need to be left in place and or worked, so the air quality is safe.
You already have individual in communities dealing with respiratory issues, and eye’s & skin etc.
Department of Labor:
Individual of the age of 55, look out, you will need to find work at any cost.
The question is who, what, when, and where is this to hit.
Veteran Affairs:
Question out there for reader, did you know most of the money underneath this umbrella goes disability aid and pensions?
Our obituary:
Dr. Harry Sassoon – his been around for every here at VA Long Beach. My heart goes out to his wife, she is real.
Our train, ride became the battle field of swinging, and just to much drinking early in the evening.
The guy did event Care two families with infant were on board.
You all should come and ride the Blue line every once an a while.
On a great note, the Symphony will be in full swing for spring/ summer’s flow, as well as the Long Beach Grand Prix will be arriving. I am shore our Long Beach Counsel is happy, for this is where the city make it BIG money.


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