This was a work day from the Wild- Wild West, okay.
The right information wasn’t in place, to get the correct counts of element going in and out the Venting System at the Long Beach VA.
The pass one was done right, but this one was completed like a roach bug of sorts, and we must remember the report didn’t get back in a quick enough matter, otherwise it would have possible been noticed.
I feel our safe chief & industry inspector for the Long Beach VA aka ” Tibor Rubin” might just be over worked and have to much to handle.
Email was sent:
Hello Sylvia,
I followed up with William Scott from Safety and he advised for a work order to be placed regarding the vent/ducting system in your area.  I will send a separate e-mail to your management team regarding the issue and the work order.  Thank you for your e-mail.
 Ely Quesenberry  MBA, MS
Employee/Labor Relations
HR Specialist
Okay, we have present both Ely and the chief a follow up email in regards to when the industry staff will be on the ROOF to check out things missed.
Tuesday – 3/28/17  Another Day Another dollar everyone.
Well we sometime need extra helper to come assist in getting things done that are missed.
Our industrial high level staff IS walking  halls on rounds along side the designer inter Ms. Yolanda left behind. The
Unit system has been noted to Safety and  the environmental division. Hm..Hm..,staff seem to be a little on edge today, maybe to much gossiping is floating into the air in which we all must breath.
Wednesday 3/29/17
The reason why the Venting System was missed is because of the organal email from HR,  was not in detail to explain needs.
Then while “Precept Environmental Inc.” was here 2/9/17 was listening to the information in which J. Bachman was given, but it would seem peanut conversation kept interrupting- the Call Center E. Minero, 1) she has plastic on her chair- 2) she can’t be in a carpeted area -3) what different does it make, we are allowing the respiratory mask, but yet she’s still complaint about these same issuers . Now if this wasn’t going on maybe our industrial chief would have been a lot more detailed on the Venting Unit.
Now the question is will he proceed to have Precept Environmental come out, and check what actual has been place into the system that cause harm.

Thursday 3/30/17
In riding the Los Angeles BLUE LINE is becoming more and more uncomfortable as the months go by. I haven’t quiet figure out if the individual causing the problem just are full of angry, and just like doing things to get others reaction to what it is they are doing.
Why are the non-baby boomer wanting to bring fear into the eye, faces of those that just want quiet and communing while ride into work.
Once I arrived to work I felt like I had landed, on earth.
Public Transportation via having a vehicle is not the same. Car are expensive and Public riding is just one monthly price.
We asked the front desk, person what is her best perfumes, response was everything, nothing practical , but at she allowed the breast to keep her bottle warm.
Call Center OP-108, is still needing the educational touches, less of creating the list. Recall in the date ranges would need looking into a wider direction so we can empty all the Clinic through Long Beach VA “aka “Tibor Rubin”. This can be done., it has been accomplished before.
Even though, the system’s is requesting we update in special area, the Call Center Need expending. 1) number might be great some of the times, but you
need classics changes on Monday-Wednesday-Thursday, so the early bird patient can be taken care of better. 2) instead of having meetings, why aren’t you asking the staff what do you think of this/ change the shift on these Day, so it can accommodate your patient already  up. 3) you open up [ OP-108] to a coffin, why isn’t their some music on. Being in that type of  closed in walls, music can assist in force, peace, and a higher productive.
Soft skill course is in action.
Read and then see if I had any question?
Either G. Payne or J. Arcaro, will help in going over possible question I might have.
Friday 3/31/17
We are really bless, Friday is coming along.
Laurie Brainerd, NP for the C & P department is being assigned an increase task of patients. They are Stopping her bag of tricks. NEXT
The chemical the staff has place into OP-247 is just something else. Night shift to the challenges, okay.
Second floor staff, comes in early for group [Transition Center OP-267] Diana C. here, Newest LVN, and
women’s clinic mental health. Yes the Perfumes, chemical 09:06hr, 10:12hr-1045hr, continual flow,  and once they hear  HEPA then comes cracking doors and individual moving themselves around, move on up, to the Eastside, anyone remember that show. Hey,
patient load is down today in all area, expect the lst. floor- op-132 and the Emergency Room busy.
The Health Administration Service’s is having it’s clerk’s, Secretary,sector chief, manager, and supervisor completing the course unified to their daily task. Now, see everyone can not go to the soft skill course,  therefor a robot would help ALL, employee that can not attend, a course.
See a robot, assist in helping ALL your division be on top of their game plans. to shore everyone, underneath them can be great winners themselves.
Now, if your cheap, then use webinar’s, YouTube, etc. Our creative I T department can designed links
 for staff  on their computer’s. Where is the educational department using the money, our administration creates links left and right for this prepress.


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