Can you believe the a older military person Mr. Charlies P. Cooluris, Army Advocate (AW2) Liaison has offered his spraying of chemical in today conversation with other on the Transition Center team and meeting groups.
Chemical are schedule even while individual are at Lunch. There goes another person to collect paper off the print for the Compensation and Pension team,
See what happen’ s when the patient have to wait a long time between check-in time and when the Nurse practitioner, doctors, choose to call in the patients.
Whoop’s another Nurse Practitioner, spraying with bottle from her pocket. Okay, who are next Register Nurse or Licenses [LVN] Vocational/ Practical [LPN] Nurse? What kind of Supervisor is June Callasan to allow this behavior to continue with her back turn or in face?
I can’t help but wonder if she to be tired of her JOB, position.
Sign of Power, with a vapor of hate, here at the Tibor Rubin Medical Center “aka” Long Beach VA.
Yes, I have completed the Soft skill course online.
Now, just have to a wait until Jeffery Arcaro, Director Manager Official (DMO) contacts the Sector Chief and Super.
Well, I tried to get this task accomplished today but it didn’t quiet work that way.
We’re looking into another Day it which seem.
Donald J. Trump’s
Did anyone listen to the part of economics concerned with large-scale.
While the general economic factors, such as interest rates and national /state productivity.
Hello, and did we understand the facts of his individual companies he had join him in his agenda today.
Eiram55, journey to 125
              April 4th 2017        Happy Anniversary
See everyone is preparing themselves for the patients about to arrive in the area, Mental Health, Transition Center aka “Transition and Care Management Services (TCM, and Compensation – Pension.
Still haven’t heard from Industry, Safety, and Chief of the Tibor Rubin Medical Center to when Precept Environmental, Inc. is on the roof and Venting filter checkout.
Ely Quesenberry where are you?
The chemical were not quite as bad this morning, but when the afternoon, came along. Bang! Bang! Bang! Now, the South wall sprays, enough is enough with my face already burns.  Look at the Administrator here with smiles on their face, how can you not tell me they don’t know what is going on. Why are you out of you examination room OP-247, you on break your supervisor knows where you’re going. NO I have to have a bowel movement is it okay with you.  Can I go now?
Well happy Anniversary to me.
Eiram55, journey to 125.

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