Happy Easter

The Day of Tabor Rubin Medical Center, starts off chemical FREE, until flow of traffic [staff, patients, and service dogs] start up.

On Friday is pretty bad, because most of your clinic in this area get a FREE ticket, NO PATIENTS, Longer break, and let see how many chemical we can send through the venting system.

It’s too bad, we don’t have the result on the Venting System because it would be all building 126, I wouldn’t be surprised by the additional problem accruing in other location and other floors.

There at Compensation and Pension Ms. Laurie Brainerd, NP, just can’t keep her hands on the computer instead of her bag of chemicals.

Police look outs Kenneth Jones33, Medical Support Assistant (MSA) and Angela Nwachuku, Administrative officer for the Compensation N Pension, underneath Dr. K. Vo

E mail, answers to those in which need responding by the Close of Business (COB) refer to it here in the Veteran Affairs system.

Oh, in walking the hallway to OP-108 was greeted by Scott Williams, Assistant Industrial / Safety & James [Jim] Bachman, Industrial Chief of Safety and Construction project around the campus.

We are still waiting for the Response of the MS. Jill Dietrich, Associate Director, to commentate the Face to Face.

First, she’s communicating with ALL party involved to see what the outcome is in particular areas. In doing the Google search, the doctor discovers she’s the one response for ALL and departments with the issues having.

Secondly, her counter worker a Cory B. Ramsey, Associate Director for Patient Care Service /Nurse Executive. [Nursing & possible his Social Workers, the verdict is still out, ONLY because we have notice one social worker wear perfumes].

Mr. R. McNeil (ESD, ASMR) has sent over the information need for this T M S.

May it’ll work this time.

Supervisory: E. Minero still has her Instant Messaging (IM) disconnected, interesting WHY people asking and telling me. Emailing is another way of communication, formal letter through the mail extra. Know the three rules of making shore someone receives your information 1- email, 2- Fax, & 3- mail.

Happy Easter           2017


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