April 17th 2017

This has been the Day the Lord has made.

The Long Beach VA “aka” Tibor Rubin Medical Executive Leader are listening, paying closer attention to what the individual employees are saying. I included.

I mean I asked our Director the Question, READ.


Ms. Jill Dietrich, Associate Director


Mr. Dustin Thompson, Assistant Director

Then I am told that this administration can’t help because I have a case in EEOC.

So, with the information provided today, in the email below and if you need more I can provide them.

Mr. James [Jim] Bachman does not have to check the vents through the Environment Company, because of Air.

I am sorry something is wrong.

All the doctors’ documentation is in HR / along with the update letter.

I mean would this be happen to you as a military or EEOC employee, or is it just me, because I have been through nine supervisors and counting.

Why, is it the license personal is allow to use their license you push a season employee out of their JOB / position.

A RECALL analysis is just as important as anything here.

What do you think?

Off 4/7/2017, will follow-up 4/10/2017 if your door is still open to me.

Sylvia Bonaparte

Then the MS. Jill K. Dietrich, Associate Director responsible for theses Division/ Department s

Said on 4/17/2017

Hello Ms. Bonaparte,

Please allow for the safety team to complete the report. 

Thank you,

Jill Dietrich


April 18th 2017 Thursday


The question still lay’s on Mr. Waters, Chief of Engineering Services, and his team. What will the y find in the OP-267 venting systems? According others we know have other issues happening at other location 126 & 126 a. Just think about the additional chemical being added through the staff here at Transition Center [OP-267] area through the Venting System’s.

These are nurses, nurse practitioner, doctors, and Medical support assistance (MSA), Administration Official, and Administration Assistance.

The mission I C a r e, needs watch upon behind the WALL, AND THE ADDITIONAL WALL where the hidden action is happening undetached.

Times have changed quite a bit since the War, and the soldiers have returned from Iraqi Arabic or Afghan.

The younger generation that though, they would miss the fight, are here trying to cop, with what was known the PASS. Yes, family is their but how do you speak with them, without judgments from anyone.

Some being a BOY / MAN can be more challenging since you have to suck it up.

World, is becoming the platform of children raising children.

The older you become, the slower you heal, the day move faster, and the years go in the blink of the eye.

This is a journey to 125.

Pastor Joseph Prince


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