The whistleblower of ,


I hope everyone has a wonderful, week-end. [Los Angeles, CA questionable 85].

Some will be on the roads for the Last Big spring fever before schools, come off Spring Break.

Other are just going to be running around to sign the children up for Summer School’s, Summer Campus, and planning Vacations.

Well the Petri Dish is going to be a scar. I the doctors said I am alive, and I should be thankful which I am.

Therefore, on this lazy Day, rooms are slamming accordingly.

Some clinic have completed their veteran’s inter actions.

What is going on in the world, it seems the older you become, and the younger generation is FULL of anger. I look at the individual’s around me in which I am in contact with face to face, personal, and I think what is wrong here.

My Answer,

Some are in PAIN

Some have allergies

Some just don’t like where they are at, and this make them more hurtful, to the people around them.

You must stand you grounds, or the pushing will continual, on a speedier creative note.

Why, do you think most people get tired of their JOB’s?

Why, are they scared to step OUT of the Box?

WHY, will they not try new things, instead of staying put?

Have a Happy, rush of your Day.

Eiram55, journey to 125


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