April 24th 2017

Call the Engineering Department as instructed, but left the information / results with a Jenifer persons [yes I know Jesse N., but did you get a name of the individual that was going to make the adjustment to flow size. NO. wasn’t given on during Thursday (4/20/17) conversation.
After 13:00hr, the engineering staff parts are here to see what is need. It would seem the cross need to be found in which for them to complete the TASK
April 25th 2017
Chief D. Waters, from our Long Beach VA “aka” Tibor Rubin Medical, has directed his team correctly in my book in which to show the care in assisting a disable employee underneath the career pathway of MR. WALT DANNEMBERG, [New director since February 2017.
Back in March when I asked for the side bar face to face I thought at first Dustin Thompson, should have gotten or been the this commander seat.
In the days so far he has engaged with ALL through Memo’s, and has  hands shakes with mean, who I believe are starting to feel good about what is coming out of his mouth.
Have been informed, as well as discovered that our Associate Director , Jill K. Dietrich. D.,FACHE assigned has official closed her doors.
Jeff Arcaro
Health Administration Service (HAS)
Assistant Chief
VA Long Beach Health Care System
Phone: 562-826-8000 x3540
Blackberry:  562-519-5313
From: Dietrich, Jill K
Sent: Monday, April 24, 2017 1:06 PM
To: Arcaro, Jeffrey
Subject: FW: 4/6/2017 + 4/4/2017+ 3/16/17 @ 12:17hr+ 3/13/17 + 3/3/17 + Document from Dr. Judson Schoendorf office
Sylvia sent to doctor:
Doctor, this is our response from the Associate Director [ MS Jill K. Dietrich, J.D., FACHE of the facility responsible for  Engineering, Human Resources, and Health Administration Services (HAS), ALL in which is to help get us from point a to b.
Today is the Day the Lord has Made, I walked to the North end of Campus in which to collect assignments and to ask Lead of the Call Center, to explain the High Risk Clinic / how would you differ them.
Michelle Sargent, not gives instruction in which to find or notice where you would find this information, but also broke it down to where it was easier to remember what it is she’s saying.
In collecting the task, of OP-108, asked WHY is it I don’t have one, person to communicate instead of many. There is NEVER, a statement of good work’s, JOB [just over broke] well done. As a result, can count on the continual negative, of being spoke at, down on. I have sent an email to my Assistant Director D. Thompson and J. Dietrich, Associate Director how would they feel if someone was treating them different, wrong. No Comment!
The waiting area in which I have to walk through is very slow, today, which allows for the staff chemical spraying (09:47hr, 10:44hr,) schedule though a lack in patients interviews.
The analysis works of the Day is though Date Ranges of 12-21-16 thru 4/-15-17 Eagle team five. Last week we did and completed 12/20/16 thru 4/1/17, and ended the week with 12/21/16 thru 4/15/17 [combination of Alpha, Delta, Eagles to start for this week].
The lead, of Call Center present me with the continual task of the Day before so it can be completed so a blinded list is NOT created through the RECALL log system on Auto plots.
Note too, with the project I am working on is ONE of the largest Clinic in the Date Range catalog area.
The three construction site are going though there movement today. Blasting, drilling, and dust is just flying though the air’s along with leaves, grasses, which are being cut by our own LBVA & Tibor Rubin Medical, grounds keepers. 
Today is a wonderful day after ALL.
Just look to the sky, the moon, and the stars our answers is their.
Eiram55, journey t0 125

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