April 25th 2017   Tuesday


Monday, the engineering team came in which to check out the Venting System according to J. Arcaro, work order (WO).

They had to look around to find the right area’s in which to finish their job on the next Day. The Lead, has been presented with an increase load, and has requested that I leave my area earlier, in which to collect the assignment / project of completion.

This, New Director – Walt you in Washington D.C have sent / Okayed to run the place is doing his thing. Meet and greeting with staff / he’s engaging, and it on everyone lips as to where did he come from.

He sends out letters so we have an idea of what are next, educational thoughts, with a quicker opportunity in process individual in out to a greater career. I have seen more hellos, and hearing hello’s, this Man is actual placing smile on people faces around here.


April 26th 2017   Wednesday


It would seem:


Wheeler,Teri L.


From:                 Minero,Elva Y

Sent:                 Wednesday, March 01, 2017 8:08 AM

To:                   Wheeler, Teri L

Subject:             FW: Bonaparte



From: Minero,Elva Y

Sent: Monday, February 27, 2017 2:06 PM

To: Kimble, Myeasha J

Cc: Payne, Gisele A (Long Beach)

Subject: Bonaparte

On 2/23/17 at around 3:30 Ms. Bonaparte came into the Call Center and spoke with the Lead Michele Sargent.

Ms. Bonaparte stated something fell on her head and caused her to break out and wanted to go to employee health. Ms. Bonaparte went to employee health and was instructed to go to the emergency room, since she did not have request from me her supervisor to go to employee health.

Ms. Bonaparte called me from the lobby informing me that something had fallen on her head, some king of chemical for the work being down o the 3rd floor and that she was in the emergency room waiting to be seen.

Both the Lead and myself went upstairs to Ms. Bonaparte’s office and did not see any signs that something or some kind of chemical had fallen, her work station was clean and dry as well as all other cabinets and table.

On Friday 2/24/17 Ms. Bonaparte stated she needed to go back to employee health for a follow up because she was told the procedure was she had to be seen there, she also stated that Dr. Webb she had to come back at 1:00 because all nurses where in a class at the egg.


Thank you


Elva Y. Minero

Supervisor Call Center

Health Administration Service

Tibor Rubin VA Medical Center

(562) 862- 8000 Ext 24613


Did Elva for get she had present VA Form OCT 1992 ® #831b


With “ Recommendation’s: Follow – up from 4/23rd

Signature 2/27 – E Y MI


In the return at 13:00hr( EMPLOYEE’S HEALTH)

She [E. Minero] then presented a brand New VA Form OCT 1992(R) #3831b



Another From:


Wheeler, Teri L

From:               Sargent, Michele M

Sent:               Friday, March 03, 2017 9:31 AM

To:                Wheeler,Teri L

Cc:                 Payne, Gisele A (Long Beach); Minero, Elva Y

Subject:             Sylvia’s incident on 2/23/17

Good moring,

I spoke with Sylvia Bonaparte on Thursday 02/23/2017, she came to the call center at 3:30 asking for a slip to employee health. She stated something fell on her head from the vents and now she is breaking out in her head and her neck. Later in the day; about 4pm myself and Elva Minero went to

Sylvia’s office to check out the issue. There was no debris, dust or moisture on her desk or anywhere in the area, I wiped my finders on Sylvia’s desk and nothing appeared on them; not even a greasy feeling, also the humidifier was left on in Sylvia’s office. Once we returned to the call center it was several minutes after 4. My tour of duty ends at 4.




What GREASY, was supposed to be on the desk.

What type of Greasy / oil’s was she thinking- hopping to find

What does Michele Sargent, know about this greasy feeling, that she hasn’t told Sylvia Bonaparte and DMO she know of. Especially, after she was told it was causing Sylvia a break out.

April 27th 2017             Thursday

Doctor requested canceling Meeting with the Teri L. Wheeler

April 28th 2017             Friday

Meeting: The sector chief, just need to know why engineering / Air Conditioning was in the area.

  1. Arcaro, my DMO, ordered check and completion of what was needed.

Jesse Nava [Air conditioning Mechanic] and Richard Widby, [Air Conditioning Mechanic went beyond and did a GREAT JOB, they followed through on this project, pre medical instruction.

Followed up with my Lead after meeting with G. Payne

It would seem the Recall System Is out of here.

Clerk will complete appointment according to what the soldiers want and needs are.

Customer Service / Meet and greet the Soldiers:

Some of the clerks need to start the day off with a banana or something, but which a clerk snap at a patient coming in for care is not good.

Have your coffee, coke, super juice before seat at the welcoming counter desk. Look go the extra mile, we need know how the individual soldier, family member or Caregiver are doing we they approach COOL Down. Better yet, stand up and say I need a minute, but do not snap.

Patient need to know where LAB where:

STOP pointing, walk them part way, WE ARE under construction, ALL you are doing, is creating more confuse to the patient/ family or caregiver when pointing. Wake Up! The Long Beach VA “aka” Tibor Rubin Medical Center is a maze. Help OUT! And take off the four (4) inch heels, if we had a disaster you would not be any good to anyone.

Director: Walt Dannenberg, FACHE

Sir, I was told I wasn’t ever to attend the Town hall Meeting, over the year I have complied with the Executive Nurse request from the PASS.

Dustin Thompson allows any open door, but I want you to know I will not over step this honor.

These are My Town-hall Meeting thoughts and question, Sir.

Could you please, find a way for the education department to start /configure Webinars on some of the event in and around the facility? It would seem, links are easy attached to almost anything. WHY ARE WE NOT DOING IT HERE AT THE LONG BEACH VA “aka” TIBOR RUBIN MEDICAL CENTER?

It would help with especially your disable employee’s and those with busy floors, with evening; night shift appreciates the knowing of your change in living feeds [Voice, Seeing, and present].



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