The whistleblower of “Long Beach VA “aka” Tibor Rubin:

The New Supervisor [Elva Y. Minero, 10/2016] in which I have been placed has official stated she will at ALL cost see to it I am FIRED from my career. This is way HAS, has kept me underneath her without information of my full disability in which, to see her action / false with the working of disable workers.

In, engaging into a conversation with the worker of Compensation & Pension, I received another validation to the fact Elva Y. Minero, [New Supervior-102016] that her gold is to get or have me fired at all cost, enough is enough. Office of Resolution Management has been noticed and told of her mouth and she just keep on making shore this statement circulate back into my environment / face.

Well with the closer of Compensation & Pension Division, as of middle of April in All and about State’s. The employees have / are being position in areas of great needs.

John Lorentz hasn’t returned since about a month ago.

Faiz Hussain is in internal meds by trade, so he can be unitized in other areas in which Dr. VO, need his help.

It would seem, mostly all the Chief worked over the week-end.

New position assisted.

Like William Scott, is the Acting Chef of Occupational Safety & Health Service, Not James [Jim] Bachman.

Transition Center, has located another Medical Staff Assistant, this way someone will be at the Desk, during breaks, and after hours.

Kenneth Jones33, the present MSA is pushing forward in which to collect a GS-13levels of career opportunity the government has to offer HIM.

I then collected the task in which to complete from Friday [4/28/17], orders, in MAS and replace out for ninety day.

Education: T M S

VA 30535: Operation SAVE Training Refresher

Survey in conjunction

It would seem the Sector Chief has gone for the Day, and I would need to speak with her tomorrow in which possible Elva Y. Minero, Supervisor and Gisele Payne –Sector Chief will be here.

Everyone have a wonderful rest of your Day

Eiram55, journey to 125


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