Petri dish:

As they go through the Moring, really you have to spray additional perfumes in the front of OP-247. WOW, I hope you feel better.

Agent: which it would appear the A C guy could identify, apparently was something like a Drain Cleaner effect.

The nurse when it hits, itches,[like an allergy], then wells, and finely burns once water was added to your skin for evening bath or showing. What every or who every did this new what they were doing.

If it’s from your facility it could be housekeeper, and employee that knowns how this would have treated your skin. [Doctor/nurse practitioner, Register nurse, even social worker of sorts]. This was defiantly an act of hate.

We’re having the typical Friday, it times to have our long luncheons, but others can’t be excused to do the same.

Assisted police staff is in place ,Michael, Angela, John, Margaret Hullett, old school on deck 10:31am, 13:49hr; she doesn’t have a clue as to the hind actives,[get that pump it’s a match] what protected in the area, and the question still lay’s what is the drain powder product being sprayed through the Air, in OP-247. We just need one nurse or staff member to tell all, especially home and Car. Keep saying and asking WHY we don’t have cameras at the location. We would need cable TV.

Eiram55, journey to 125




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