Whistleblower of Long Beach VA “aka” Tibor Rubin Medical Center
Well, viewer, we have had our conversation with Gisele Arlene Payne, about Compensation & Pension, chat amongst workers. She said what ALL Chief, Supervisors, and Management would state. We must get the other side of the story.
Elva Y. Minero [Call Center, Supervisor] and Doris Young [C & P] called to order.
O W P:
Pix in place, and shown to Sector Chief.
Air Report, G. Payne has a copy, check
Still a waiting for the Venting Report, from the writer through Engineering Services/ Division/or Department.
Yesterday’s email:
From: Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia
Sent: Mon 5/1/2017 12:17 PM
To:   Bernabe,julio D; Miranda,Frank; Toy,Nelson
Cc:   Waters,Douglas S; Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia; Quesenberry,Ely
      Johnson,Adrienne (Long Beach)
I have just fully read the email sent by Mr. Waters over the week-end 4/3/17.
Mr Bernabe, you and I had a conversation while at the doctor’s office on the importance to you writing a report on the Vents of OP-247, so it can  present it to the Doctors office as well as Human Resources Department (HR).
You then said you would have a talk with Jesse and Richard, in regards.
Sir, we are approaching another month, and the Air Quality Report completed back in Feb 2017 is what generating this information do to Jim Bachman, industrial hygiene’s miss.
Okay, are you capable of writing what the finding was during the Vents finding on 4/24/17 and 4/25/17, and if NOT who could write this information for the Doctors office..
I understand Melody, has sent word NOT, Call upon Vhalon ENGAGEMENT Committee for assistance, but they seem the ONLY department that understands.
Ms. Jill Deitrick, has requested your department would be writing on this issues need.
Could you advise, if your hands are tried.
Ms. Sylvia Bonaparte
Steal, wait to see what the Report would say, since E. Minero, M. Sargent, are not able to explain how the injury on 2/23/17 had happen.
Question, remains how did / what does the Call Center Team know about this
GREASY FEELING mean. Is E.M & M. S trying to give away information with puzzle pieces?
Then E. Minero “stated in writing to the first VA 3831b – Recommendations:
Follow up from 2/23.
On the Second VA 3831b, for 13:00hr Recommendations: None written, but placed her signature.
Remember, back in May 2016, I had injury placed upon me by Johnson-Berryman, Cammille, with her conflict of interest counter partner E. Minero, who’s Now my
Supervisor, said Ava Pamela Womack, Chief; Jeffrey Arcaro, Assistant Chief; Sector Chief G. Payne; finally the Elva Minero, who I hold responsible for injury 2/23/16.  Along with pass, June Callasan, John Clemens, Gina De Ocampo, Felicity Gonzalez, Laurie V. Brainerd, Faiz Hussain, Michael Lauder, Gina Rawason, Angela C. Nwachuku, Priscilla, Valbuena, Yasmeen Y-Benjamin,and the R N’s, L V N, are just pushing forward into this continual present issues happening from June’s Department directed toward ME on a Daily Bases.
As a result, reminded that the staff of Transition Center, 2nd floor, building 126 a’ Supervisor (June S. Callasan)/ second in command (Virginia E. aka GINA De Ocampo)/ and the Mr.John M. Clemens, Management and Program Lead –Primary care Services.
Yesterday’s Downing emails from yet another Program:
Sent: Mon 5/1/2017 8:01 AM
To:   Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia; Miranda, Frank; Bernabe,Julio D;
      Waters,Douglas S
Cc:   Thompson,Dustin T; Scott, William (5/2017 became Acting Chief of   
      Occupational Safety & Health Services
Good Morning Ms. Bonaparte, 
Please stop including the Employee Engagement Committee in the email correspondence regarding this issue.  This issue is being addressed by the services that are able to take care of the issue.  Please also include William Scott, the Acting Chief of Occupational Safety & Health Service when sending correspondence and for situational awareness.  This will ensure that the is able to keep track of the issue and be of a support if/when needed. 
Melody D. Ferguson
Program Specialist 
Occupational Safety & Health Service 
VA Long Beach Healthcare System
5901 E. 7th Street, Bldg. 5, M100D
 Long Beach, CA  90822
562-826-8000 x4897 Office
562-826-5379 Fax
I would seem the New Prod Vista Scheduling has been finding into the computer. I guess now we just have to see how, when, is everyone using it will get trained.
OP-248 & OP-249, is being used in which to see the last of T R I care patient before, June. Which by that time ALL medication will be discontinued from Long beach VA system, and they will have to find their own Physicians through the tri care website or NOT.
 I then learned Health Administration Services is being liquidated (HAS), and our Commander and Chief [President of Unite States] will possible be placing Whistleblower in his Veteran Affairs, and ALL Government Agency. Smart Move!
VistA: Recall system to generation a blind list has been removed.
       CPRS, can still check if the doctors have written order’s of future appointments is still in tack.
The question remains’ WHY haven’t so many doctor’s, nurse practitioner, physician assistance, and chief written clear orders for instructions into future clinical follow-up.
5/3/17 we’d had a very important guest in which to visit our VA, but only “S” .was allowed to attend.
OP-247 was dusted from head to desk. Wow, check this out the floors were not DONE. Everyone has their way of clean and not clean.
Interesting, collected assignment from OP-108. Smile with a Hello, and kept going.
Recall Delinquency List 12/21/16 thru 4/15/17, Administration from around the world are listen, the link connection for placing individual in Recall out 90 day has been removed. You may know take them out, but no long entry. YES indeed! Soldier reading listen up you will have access to you appointment selection better.
When you place something such as powders, chemical in a peti-dish and wait for someone to suffer behind what you have done.
I can truly say you are a very unhappy individual. You can keep spraying Day by Day, hour by hour, but how are you taken care of the soldier waiting in the lobby for long periods of time.
Well the one item I was waiting for did not come today, but maybe God is still work in the back ground as he should.
Eiram55 journey to 125


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