We as employee’s we trust and count on what the Administration/ Executive levels do and ask of use. Okay.
When you attend a meeting and a conversation comes up about your counter partner in the same room as you shares, family matters in secret should stay in secret.
You don’t take they personal information as a Supervisor and blast it to the world (amongst other manager, Supervisor, just because your know).
This is one of the reasons, back in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, we place all of my medical document into the Human Resource Department (HR). Too many people / individual are in each other pockets.
The Supervisor, in which my Sector Chief, Assistant Chief, and Chief chose to place me underneath, is the same one who witnesses my wrist injury 2016.
Conflict of interest big time, but remember when you treat those understand you nasty, its seeds grow into a Bad think.
G. Payne, was still not in, in which for I to have her obtain a vent report, from Mr. D. Waters, Chief Engineering Department. Well, later on this evening – Administration has informed me he resigned from his JOB, last Tuesday 5/2/17.

My question is if they are checking the Venting filter, often, what is the BIG deal, you can’t provide a Report of your Mechanical Air Condition team ( Richard and Jesse)finding from OP-247.

Followed up with D. Thompson, Assistant Director of the Long Beach VA “aka” Tabor Rubin Medical Center to find out 5/8/17 thru 5/12/17 he’s acting in the roll of Associate Director.

After sending a follow up email, he said:

From: Thompson, Dustin T
Sent: Monday, May 08, 2017 7:19 AM
To: Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia
Cc: Payne, Gisele A (Long Beach)
Subject: RE: 5/8/17 + 4/28/17+ 4/6/2017 + 4/4/2017+ 3/16/17 @ 12:17hr+ 3/13/17 + 3/3/17 + Document from Dr. Judson Schoendorf office

If such a document exists, Ms. Payne can request a copy from Safety for you to review.  I am uncertain if this document exists. 

Thank you,



Dustin Thompson, MA

Acting Associate Director

VA Long Beach Healthcare System

Long Beach, CA

Phone: 562-826-5350

VA Cell: 562-233-8057


Compensation & Pension, L. B. (Nurse Practitioner)is out at the front Desk stating to the clerk’s she had finished going over her scheduled clinic and to not change anything.

She, glance in which to see what wrapped in Gray clay bag. Then returning to her office in which to pack up for home.
Until Long Beach VA moves those as Congress level, the place will stay uncorrected. The BAD Supervisor, Manager, Chiefs will continue to stump employee underneath them as
A roach!
Let me take this time in which to apologize for not answering question over the week-end.
Eiram55, journey to 125


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