Oh my, is they a Right Petri Dish, hmmm, has become blacker, to the in soles. The black circulation has RED, everyone is wondering what type of doctors work at the Long Beach VA “aka” Tibor Rubin  Medical Center. 1)You will not allow the employee to be seen with your Nurse Practitioners, and 2)refused to follow through with other doctors instruction pertaining to the ONE and only employee. WOW!

Back in the older day’s, and other administration, Chief, Sector Chief, had doctor letter’s and prescription they went through the facility, with no issues.

The question still reminds WHY, during the individual, Medical disability, has continual presented and prevent over and over through documentations.

Like the little girl was saying the Long Beach VA is so beautiful. So, why do the Big people want to hurt our Nanina.

Some people show love and others not.

Some adults come to they JOB with issuers and problems on their mind.

Some still haven’t come down off the High of choice from their week-end, Wildness.

Some people become comfortable, in their titles, career, and therefore have no more creative

in the minds.

Eiram55,journey to 125

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