Eiram55,journey to 125
Mr. David Shulkin
US Department of Veteran Affairs
810 Vermont Ave
Washington, D C 20420
In Case You Missed It – New York Times “New Veterans Affairs Chief: A Hands-On, Risk-Taking ‘Standout’” – A profile of VA Secretary Dr. David Shulkin
Key Quotes:
About Leadership: “…(Y)ou can act with urgency, and you can resist the temptation to say we work in a system that you can’t get to move faster. I think (our employees) learned that you can.”
About Understanding the Organization:. “Sometimes leaders get disconnected from their organizations…There is no better way to understand it than to use it and actually see.”
About VA: “We’re in critical condition, but moving toward stable. The V.A. has experienced a very, very tough time. It lost the most important thing any organization could have: its trust.”
 Within these three Quotations is of the truth here at the Long Beach VA “aka” Tibor Rubin Medical Center. Through all of the emails I have sent in out of offices here. This is true. People here for more than twenty years have totally gone flat line.
Same as before when I was speaking on Creative.
You have the old that went out in the quickness.
Whereas before, the Chief with kindness could ask them to train the individual so every rolls like a well-oiled machine.
You would then, as a new executive person in the division have conference to seat back and see what seasoning you could add into the flow, which Directorship can notice as a hold.
Like a Business Plan of Sorts, and place it into action, for all to notice.
Have the ones underneath place their take / survey within/ questioner /meeting of the masters minds upon your staff with you.
The employee comes into work and their eye’s are just glued to the computer’s so badly where they do Not take eye break / hydration breaks / or just a conversation with some of skills or educational skills.
A well-rested employee, an exercised worker, mind works much better.
Not just seat at the desk drinking the old pop/potatoes chips/ cookie to sugar the mind into peaks and then dive into a sleep moody individual.
It used to be if an employee became disability through their place of work, the effort of the Supervisor would be of No Judgments, or ill behaviors. Now, you are No allow to say No to the location a Chief has chosen or decided.
If you don’t break as a roach, crawling on the floor, you’re kicked in the corner in which to intake dusts. 
I am a witness to that.
Watch out my life is going great; my journey is a learning tool for all out there.
 I am educating those who don’t have a voice, on what they need to do.
“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10
Sent by: Mr. Frank Fuller
Some, Executives levels not even allow there employee’s to attend the what I call good, informational session [another words the one where someone actually does what it is they are “work shopping”, “demonstrating”, or “teaching” to others.
The Lunch, ended with eye’s of vibes, and placing themselves in position just to see who was going to make contact. The eye’s of inshore, but we have been instructed to watch and follow at all cost.
I will make it daily,  of course in which to retrieve a Candy Bar, and then offer a piece to others. A Great conversational piece.
Well the Day, is over here at The Long Beach VA “aka” Tibor Rubin Medical Center, heading to the Room, and we’ll continue another time.
“Let’s keep this candle burning for all the moms in heaven this Mother’s Day”
Sent by: Mr. Frank Fuller

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