Mr. David Shulkin

US Department of Veteran Affairs

810 Vermont Ave

Washington, D C 20420

May 15, 2017


Well, when you have in required a days off, you must enter in AL or SL, once returned to your tour of duties.


RE: Notification of Leave Request Entry

Minero, Elva Y

Sent:    Mon 5/15/17  10:05 AM

To:        Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia

Cc:        Johnson-Berryman, Cammille

Morning Sylvia

Your requests have been entered.

Thank You

Elva Y Minero

Supervisor Call Center

Health Administration Service

Tibor Rubin VA Medical Center

(562) 862-8000 

From: Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia
Sent: Monday, May 15, 2017 9:41 AM
To: Johnson-Berryman, Cammille; Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia
Cc: Minero, Elva Y
Subject: Notification of Leave Request Entry


Ms. Cammille, I have place my time in before 10:00am, AS Chief request so I will be paid in a timely matter, for 5/12/17 [Friday]


Today 5/15/17 AL one hour, transit, issues


Sylvia Bonaparte

From: Johnson-Berryman, Cammille
Sent: Monday, May 08, 2017 1:33 PM
To: Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia
Cc: Minero, Elva Y
Subject: Notification of Leave Request Entry

Hello Ms. Bonaparte,

Your leave request entered for 5/16/17 (8hrs) AL, has been approved.

Thank  You,

Cammille Y. Johnson-Berryman

Supervisor, Call Center

Health Administration Service

Tibor Rubin VA Healthcare System

Phone: (562)826-8000

While in the absent of J. Dietrich, Associate Director it would seem, the New Director, has decided to keep his Assistant Director as the Associate until J. Dietrick possible returns in and around 28th July 2017.

Physician, are still waiting for the Venting Report from Tibor Rubin Medical Center, so they can submit  letter to E. Quesenberry, HR department needs.

Bodies / titles were moved quite a bit in the last couple of weeks, you go to call someone at an extension and another person response.

15:00hr, E. Minero, escorted by Michele Sargent, lead for the Call Center / Family Assistance alongside Arlene G. Payne – Sector Chief. no, eye to eye contact, just checking out the clothes in which, on the body. Yes, neck uncovered. This is usually the hour in which your employee at the transition center Spray’s their chemical of choice worst. We have center the Desk for no more damage, as E. M. Keep the desk where in a standard place. It would seem the place has to be changed as instructed by doctors, RIGHT. She, as HAS, will not comply, therefore allows all involved in which to be harmful.

It is that time of year, when you need to have your monitory course completed here at the Long Beach VA “aka” Tibor Rubin Medical Center.

Let’s get started force.


May 16, 2017

Today, was about health, skins, eye’s and just pure happiness.

Yesterday, was a Day of the correct people clearly not being on deck.

It would seem the transition center, was in great shape today, but the question is WHY are the patients still seating in the lobby so long.

Again, once the Clerks / front counter ambassador have call the right Nurse practitioner, doctors, and chief on in Companion & Pension, still having to seat so long.

Why, is it the folder, charts are not read the Day before instead of Spraying all you can into the Air.

Since, the people in which I have an encounter are so uncomfortable with who they are, and feel quiet okay in harming other under their umbrella of a licensed career.

Why, don’t they help themselves to thinking out of the box, jump out of the box., maybe this will help in assisting in LOVING they neighbors.

Now, on the happy, happy note, the lower petri dish, still RED, with the BLACKNESS.

Pain, only sponges when pressure is applied.

The mirror / of the soul are cataracts only in a small volume.

We can reflex, at this moment in time, as we go into the daily, life, career, and with skills to educate those interested in listening.

Talk soon,

Eiram55,journey to 125


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