Eiram55,journey to 125
Mr. David Shulkin
US Department of Veteran Affairs
810 Vermont Ave
Washington, D C 20420
                                   May 16, 2017 @ 10:00pm (PST)
It is interesting to which the employees stumble around, with enjoyment every time they here Elva y. Minero, make this statement., and then run into G. Paynes office with the negative body language of we got her.
Elva, voice is always the trigger, for all the times she has made this statement, and the fact of the burn she responsible for. The Greasy, statement sent to OWP, of her lead in which she has tagging.
At 3:00 today 5/15/17 my lead and I went up to your office to inquire if you had read email sent earlier today.  When you unlocked your door and opened it both Ms. Sargent and I seen that you had moved your furniture from it being up against the wall to the middle of the room.. When I asked you why you continue to move the furniture your response was “I am at lunch” again I informed you that you are not to move the furniture to which you asked “Not even at lunch?”
This supervisor, I am shore has been told over and over again, she is not to come near, OP-247,environment with perfumes on her body, lotion of smells, and to which out that the environment is of all her restrictions.
Ely, OF HR, is to communicate the New Updates and he has clearly not, which cause the continual problem in and around OP-247.
5/15/17, behind the close door we are all tried of this, when will it STOP. WHY Can’t we get her out of here.
What taken so long.
Nasty, minded directing to a disable worker. Ava Pamela Womack, chief HAS, need big time training on this with the Supervisor, Manager, and leads underneath her table.
What the staff on the second floor and all have notice, is E. Minero is load with her approach of conversation.

Patients in the wait room, receive the information of what need to do and poor profession’s from her sector chief education of instruction with her back turn. Then she has to do the clean up, of call everyone into the office for nothing, if her Supervisor ( E. Minero) would only mentor with Ava Pamela Womack, acting chief for the correct way of calling upon individual which work underneath HER.

Elva Y. Minero, happy to signature and signed all, but don’t think before she speaks. [street gang approach].

In the beginning, when needing to provide herself, is when the professional self was there.

After given the money, couple of step’s, a great change of negative has blood out into the vine, of limpness.

We can clearly see, she does understand disability worker, of other issues.

I have stated in the Pass to J. Arcaro, Assistant Chief of HAS and my DMO. That you don’t dare spend with E. Minero, or G. Payne about what is going on with you personal health unless you want it to get beyond the chief office.

Employee’s information end up in the stress amongst cocktail hours, social hours, therefore the gossip circle still become the zone of danger for the employee underneath and around them.

Talk soon
Eiram55, journey to 125


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