Mr. David Shulkin
US Department of Veteran Affairs
810 Vermont Ave
Washington, D C 20420
May 15th 2017
This day was, one where not everyone new what in the world they were doing sort speak.
Staff, member are uncomfortable., due to something but you can’t tell quiet what the body language is trying to convey.
OP-247. started off pretty quiet, until the spray switch was touched.
Still waiting for the Venting Report. I don’t know with Mr. D. Water, leaving 5/2/17, Dustin Thompson, has step in and doing his own personal investigation through EX-Chief Mr. Douglas Water, absents.
I am praying he finds out why their are not Report on board like the other Veteran Administration facilities.
I had asked him along with Jill Deitrick, before her quick assignments into Washington, D. C as to why on particular in her division. THANK GOD Dustin was on the emails. Now we can see why some to the flows connecting from building to building have duck tape in which to seal /hold into place, while allowing element to inter system.
What and if Tracy Mann, Acting Chief- Matnice /Heating/ Venting/ Air Condition/plumbing/etc. will be documenting the records.
2nd floor Outpatient Areas & Air Handling Unit S-19
Fresh Air intake for Air Handling Unit S-19
Fresh Air intake shaft to S-19
Air Return shaft and Air Mixing Vents in S-19
Air Mixing Plenum For Air Return and Fresh Air in S-19
Front side of Pre-Filter Bank in S-19
General Overview of S-19
Outside Air Controls Near Intake 
Air Condition / Heating / Venting worker said they are possible looking into calling on a outside vendor, only because the filters are not of the correct fits, or fabric’s needed to help keep the air quality cleaner during it running stages.
Therefore, Mr. Thompson, Assistant Director, NOW, Acting in the position of Jill Dietrick’s, Associate Director absent until the end of July 2017.
May 16th 2017
The medical Bill are pilling up every day, folks.
How is everyone, out their doing.
It would seem, the Day’s are counting down the closer Summer approaches.
Graduation, is here an prom is Gone. Just think school will be out in just four weeks or least.
May 17th 2017
After the leaving of J. Dietrick, OP-247, under grounded individual decided to increase their products of choice.
The trigger – didn’t help matters with her behavior during smiles:
 When you unlocked your door and opened it both Ms.Michelle Sargent and I seen that you had moved your furniture from it being up against the wall to the middle of the room.. [5/15/17] Elva Y. Minero.
Remember were still seeking what it is she knows about – the Vapor in which came from the ceiling in OP-247. What is her agenda! Where is G. Arlene Payne in this. When approaching G. Payne on matters she re-directs you to the Supervisor, which know nothing.

The good new is listen up”Peter O’Rourke will serve as Senior Advisor and Executive Director ” Heading the Accountability & Whistleblowers Protection”

Go David Shulkin, you have your ear’s on listening diamonds and ALL the Civil Service employee’s love ya for that.

May 18th 2017
During your wisdom, year through life, you would think it can prepare you for anything.
I after all these year is use to being in on the caring side of the fence, but to lay down and be an actual patient it shocking and difficult.
Especially, when the diagnoses isn’t good. humble, humble, this club, is diffently not for the active peoples.
May 19th 2017
Well, we still don’t have pluses.
Jane O’Neil, Worker compensation program, lead chief
Teri Lynn Wheeler, Worker Compensation-Labor Relation, notified about the infection disease department at the Long Beach VA “aka” Tibor Rubin Medical Center, 5901 East Seventh Street, Long Beach, CA 90822. 562-826-8000.
Physician has applied, order complete.

Everything would have to come from an outside Vendor / consultant / inspection team [DONE]

E M S- VALB notified.


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