09:30hr here with paperwork’s in hand / Room not clean, floors are nasty.

                          09:56hr, ask for E. Minero, need the employee’s V A- form  383 1b

Employee’s Emergency Treatment

To: Elva Minero N 108

Employees Name

Sylvia Bonaparte

Employee has been examined and / or treated for (Marked) illness

See attached—-

Form with Restriction instruction

Stamped:       May 25,  2017       Linda Valles-Gutierrez, FNP – BC

After One hour and 52mins

FNP: presented with the information in which needs to be directed to the Supervisor to follow through.

                          13:56hr, E. minero here making noises / perfume on person – kept point on calendar.

                          back to her location, send a IM

                          Fact finder: who’s doing [ possible me] /check in with Union Rep…No one available- Yes–

                          14:07hr E. Minero, back all over the calendar

                          14:12hr sent email to Della Rudd, New Chief of HAS, trained by Ava Pamela Womack [6/1/17-assist slot]

                          15:35hr E. M responded to the email “fact finder” after 6/1/17

” Hello Sylvia;

I will inform you of the time for meeting on return June 1st.”


Elva y Minero

Supervisor Call Center

Health Administration Service

Tibor Rubin VA Medical Center

(562) 862-8000   

OP- 247, was not cleaned, the floor has dust on them, with some sort of brown, spots all over the room’s floor.

Email Sent:

Housekeeping Department (EMS)

Detail room cleaning 2nd floor, OP 247

Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia

Sent:   Thu 5/25/2017   3:33  PM

To:       Bigham, Robert L.

Cc:       Kearney, Howard; Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia


Mr. Neal

Mr. Robert (evening shift).

I was asked, to send this email since the room wasn’t cleaned:

Floor mopped  / waxing

Dusting since the ceiling project 4/24 & 4/25

I am off on Wednesday and weekends so if we could have it completed then would help. In, given, the chemical vapor’s time to leave.

Greatly Appreciate.

Ms. Marie Sylvia Ann Bonaparte

Starting June 1st, Jeff will be detailed to the Group Practice Manager (GPM) position for at least 30 days and could be more since Lindsey Smith; the current GPM is being detailed to the Portland VA.

While Jeff is Acting GPM, Della Rudd will also serve as Acting Chief HAS since she works directly under me now.

Email:  D  M O

Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia

Sent: Thu 5/25/2017  2:30  PM

To: Quesenberry, Ely; Johnson, Adrienne (Long Beach)

Cc: Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia

Ely, Adrienne

Will you assign another individual in which to be the D M O over me, since Jeffrey Arcaro is moving into another journey?

As a result, could you provide me with a Name please.

The Supervisor sent an email to forward copies of document (Work Restriction) to Della Rudd, Chief HAS.

Time Card / WORK Restriction 5/25/2017

Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia

Sent: Thur  5/25/2017   2:36  PM

To:     Minero, Elva Y; Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia

Cc:     Rudd, Della S


Elva, could you please provide a copy of Work Restriction over to Ms. D. Rudd, it would seem she’ll be the D M O over my cases.


Sylvia Bonaparte

I would seem the Long Beach VA “aka” Tibor Rubin Medical Center is still not able to provide a FULL Report as those our Veteran Affairs campus.

There were quiet a couple of email passing back and forth in the Engineering, M & O’s department while out.

Dustin Thompson, Acting Associate Director over these areas, is conducting a full investigation for our Director Walt Dannenberg.

Looking forward to Answering Question

Eiram55, journey to 125

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