Morales and Associate, contact:

Paperwork, in order to proceed forward, Long Beach VA “ask”

Tibor Rubin Medical Center.

Working on the task of removing from, the Recall Status due to concern at the White House.

The month of June is approaching fast, Health Administration Service, is changing things around.

Tri Care, for spouse of military veteran is leaving and after that we would just have to see what the President will sign next.

I usually don’t see G. Payne, Sector Chief when she comes to complete rounds here at the Compensation & Pension – Transition Center location@09:06hr.

The Perfumes / colognes are on very heavy this time of the Day, as expected.

OP-232, room has ceiling titles shifted.

09:15hr, E. Minero, with heavy perfume on person here Union “Fact Finder” questionable at 13:00hr today.


Minero, Elva Y

Sent Fri 5/26/17 9:37 AM

To: Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia

Cc: Payne, Gisele A(Long Beach)

Ms. Bonaparte,

This to confirm what I advised you of earlier this Morning,

We will be meeting with the UNION rep downstairs in the basement at 1:00.

Thank You

Elva y. Minero

Supervisor Call Center

Health Administration Service

Tibor Rubin VA Medical Center

Sent a Response:

As to Topic Matter, in which to go over with UNION.

@9:44 AM

11:10 AM Today, I asked DMO, J. Arcaro, about the Venting System,

“here the thing All rooms have system, sb: “well there are medal coving in which can be place over them, the only one I have seen is at the doctor’s office. J. A. –we can look into that.

Will you’re my DMO, so know what, J. A – Anyone can do that Ava Pamela Womack, HAS Chief.

@12:58hr, G. Payne send email – go to meeting.

All E. Minero, wanted to speak about was the, Desk being moved.

  • You always say you’re eating, I eat every two hours.
  • E.M. I have no documentation of that factor.
  • Tigger, appearing, and loud voice / during meeting no perfumes, or flower lotions at this time.
  • G. Payne, informed her to stay with the subject matter.
  • Vent flow is to this WALL, move it into another direction,

UNION: you can get hurt.

SB:   I am concerned for my safety since the hospital can’t seem to find the issues. Doctors have informed facility to move me from underneath the vents. E.M kept the force on, they didn’t find anything. Those are just the Air Quality Report; it has nothing to do with the Venting Issues or System.

E.M. will place in a work order [Stated in front of UNION president], to Albert the moves onto another WALL.

No one is to have a KEY to the sheared boxes through the hospital, employee with another going to document in which confed.


Well it the Friday of chemicals, perfumes, incenses, lotions and oils to name a couple, are HIGH.

One of the employees let of the Compensation & Pension, front desk, but doesn’t understand why the cut backs didn’t / doesn’t happen in the Transition Center. Money – Money – wasted.

16:12hr, blind side signature, with two additional items not address in front of UNION Rep.

This facility needs to policy out as non-perfumes, like some other around our nation.

Everyone have a happy – happy Memorial Day   2017,





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