V A Reports


Engineering Serves claims they cannot provide and Engineering Report of any kind:

Question if you’re doing a check list of some kind on a regular bases it would be easy to present.


Health Administration division, has change with Jeffrey Arcaro, underneath Director office umbrella, has Assist Chief.

Della Rudd, because her been / in training sort a speaks work with and underneath Ava Pamela Womack, Chief – now has the seat of Chief.

Ava Pamela Womack, is now the Assist Chief where Jeffrey Arcaro was seating.


Which leave opening where, D. Rudd, was and others.


Call Room:

Supervisor – Cammille Johnson-Berryman , I guess stays in her seat, cause wrist injury 5/24/2015.

Conflict of inter – E. Minero, is still in her seat, after witness the year before incent.


Transition center: Might carry second in the regionals for the department, but when don’t have patients the Supervisor J. Callasan isn’t send her staff out, in which to have an helping hand.

Patient aren’t seating in the lobby to long.

  1. Gonzalez, [military ], looks is try to force on something, without have to place glove or hat on her head.
  2. Valbuena,[military ], is eyeballing the what every she’s doing, but it would appear her hear is in listening mode.

Some creative, while some still play lookout while the main chemical sprayer, spray their choice of odor for the day.



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