Mr. David Shulkin

US Department of Veteran Affairs

810 Vermont Ave

Washington, D C 20420


May 29th 2017             Monday




Happy Memorial Day


Look everyone Not least for get to hug our solider out in the communities in which we live. Think about it, some have lost their wife’s, sons, daughter, and husbands.

If your preparing meals, please make shore it is cooked correctly and none of this quick cooling, NO Pink meats.

I would like to send a safe note to you who are choosing to Drink and Drive, remember you might have love ones in the vehicle with you, slow down.

Please, reach out if you need someone to drive you to a quiet location.

Lastly, be kind to others around you. We have happy drunks and nasty ones.


Make shore, everyone is home before locking the Doors.

If family, friend, sister, brother, and community check – in are all clear.


Eiram55 journey to 125


May 30th 2017                 Tuesday

The family member are fun to be around, and important in your life as you raise into your golden years.

If your alone, in the after sixties group, keep track of all those, in the cellphone, email or text list.


May 31th 2017                   Wednesday


This is the Day the Lord has made!

They, it is official correct the Long Beach VA “aka” has removed it capabilities for the and G Mail accounts [ no more face books, and skipping at work].

I am looking forward, parts of the physician will help in the oversee of my health status to see what’s what. It is a great day, the light is shining with joy upon me.

WOW, our New Director is really cracking down on the individual Chief Hands, to make shore ALL are on the same page, I ‘m believing what I see and hear, the gold is to make shore.

I would think the shareholder are happy in his decision, at the Long Beach VA “aka” Tibor Rubin Medical Center.

As a result, it’s visionary through process needs to force on the education information for all and not selected choices. Again, webinar helps, linked videos, and skipped systems. Any of these would even give the Director Walt C. Dannenberg, himself to have a conversation [from Town-hall] with everyone at once, just from the computer’s.

In summary, it still doesn’t explain where all that money has gone Ms. Marie L. Weldon, FACHE – Vis- 22 Director.

= Some of the flow system have Duck Tapes

= Somewhere found with lose screws.

= At the Long Beach VA, will they contract out for their Air Conditional Systems, so the filter will be fitted better and a correct product


June 1st 2017               Thursday


Hello, out there, a Great visit at the Primary Care’ office, 1) slow down, 2) nothing going to assist you in losing anything unless you get up off the backside.

Break from the computer’s – hydrates yourself – eat a balance meal / w snack especial those with special diets.

You know, I felt great in following up, because when you reach the golden years and have FULL alertness it important you see, hear, and feel the doctors care about you as the HOLD person, Not something you hit on the back side to suck up foods.

He made shore, Director and Norman information is completed .


07:56hr, collected assignment to notice E. Minero, Supervisor is Not in at the moment, therefore cannot follow-up on the Desk.

At present still working on “Recall Delinquency List, 3/1/17 – 4/30/17.

If indeed she submitted the Request into the moved, on 5/26/17 Friday.

Possible Not, because the Desk in still in the same position as 5/26/17.

If would seem Ms. Cammille Johnson-Berryman is covering the Call Center area today


6/2/17      Firday

Interesting, as to WHY, Ms. Valbuena[military], would destroy her career at the Long Beach VA, after returning back, from Afghanistan / Iran.

Great question, I understand she was having issues as most returning from duties from a faraway land, but on the other hand didn’t know she working closely with Ms. F. Gonzalez[military],

Charlie, WW, doesn’t have anything to do on this pay day Friday. WHY is he here pulling out his bag of chemical. Oh, I forgotten he’s a Veteran and can do as he pleases.

  1. Gonzales, also military, is a reformed in society in which to use her license of nurses to continue to harm those around her. Which out public nurse leader looking for someone.

Laurie Brainerd NP, is trying to do her works with the distraction of those across the Hallway from her room.

Well it would seem, staff doesn’t assist or help the disabled they don’t like.

Eiram55, journey to 125.

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