Whistleblower of Long Beach VA “aka” Tibor Rubin Medical Center


David Jonathon Shulkin

810 Vermont Ave

Washington, D. C 20420

June 4th 2017             Sunday

Frist of all good day everyone, especially the individuals who response to me underneath G +, system?

One, answers I thing need address is “do not become how the ugliness’ the nurses, doctors, nurse partition –FNP, are doing. They have to answer to our maker, on what they ALL are part of on this journey of you.”

As a result, there is no correction needed in this statement here or commit. We all are noticing the level of nasty, hate, in every location, area, in which we moved around.

On this note, people don’t work, they do the smallest, because they are bored with the JOB, the feet’s hurt, Chiefs, are a pain in the backside in which they don’t have control.

I am a child of the live God /son Jesus.

This is what keeps me bless and moving every Day.

June 5th 2017               Monday

Thinks have changed here at the Long Beach “aka” Tibor Rubin Medical Center. My day starts with C. Johnson-Barryman, coming into OP-108, to her office. While walking behind her the lingering Perfumes / colognes in burn my eyes. [Hospital Need to be free of sensed things on the body, especial in working in a facility environment where patient care.] Are you all away when you go into a cooperated facility you doing have this issues only in particular Veteran Affairs. Why is this!

From G + Question – Do I still have to walk the length of the facility to collect assignment? YES.

If Not careful E. Minero will document in her Book / Paper notes of the day AWOL / absent / Late.

Since I have to walk to far, don’t you think I should have my own drop box. Or, like in the pass underneath the other Supervisor send it over as an encrypted email.

Project of the Day is to complete the analysis sheet I didn’t finish, before going off of health.[4/1/17 thru 5/14/17 PRINT].

Our board employee at the Transition Center and surround offices, up & down the examination beds, table, chairs, {chemical, times 09:12hr, 09:49, 1047hr].

RE: 5/8/17 + 4/28/17 + 4/6/17 +4/4/17 + 3/16/17 @ 12:17hr + 3/13/17 +

3/3/17 + Document from Dr. Judson Schoendorf office

Sent:   Tue 5/23/2017 8:15 AM

To:     Payne, Gisele A (Long Beach); Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia; Thompson, Dustin T; Bachman, James M (Long Beach); Toy, Nelson;

Mann, Tracy; Bernabe, Julio D.;

Cc:     Scott, William

Hello Gisele, et al,

I have included key personnel in this enquiry.  Engineering, M&O present any reporting produced for the venting (ducting) the HVAC supervisor can provide to support the ducting inspection, is greatly appreciated. Please direct any findings to the Safety Office, Industrial Hygienist, Jim Bachman, for review.

Thank you

William Scott, MPH, CDPH

Acting Chief, Safety Service

As of 6/6/17, still waiting, believe me No Administrator worker is being treat in this matter.


In Summary of last Pay Day’s

6/2/17 ++ 5/25/17 + Status on Work Order 170410 072

Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia

Sent:   Fri 6/2/2017 8:46 AM

To:     Rudd, Della S; Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia

Cc:     Quesenberry, Ely


I am Cc: the newly assigned D M O,[Della Rudd] and as you can see in the email Frank copied and Paste, is just a work order.

Ely, how are the doctors to come back to you and HR with a completed Report of Detailing to West LA if the Long Beach “aka” Tibor Rubin Medical Center, isn’t willing to provide a Venting Report, NOT Air or VistA’s text work order

Thanks advance.


G + Question: I don’t understand why a working facility can’t provide an Report for you an your doctor’s they stated you had to find. Do these individual even consider themselves as doctors, nurse practitioner, or Register Nurses.

You must remember in a blog from before I had said it is the people who are tired of the JOB (just over broke). They have known more creative. I is about how press the clothes, and how high the heels.

This is a form of what corporate America call black balling, I am shore you’ve heard the statement or remark before. If not ask your grandmother, or a family member who been through it. These day’s you can google.com anything. God bless the persons who came up with this system for the world.

June 6th 2017             Tuesday

I had an adventured start of the Day. Let hang in the Air on the railroad tracks. WOW. Call in be a little late. Don’t worry G +, E. Minero isn’t here today or yesterday. Ms C. Johnson-Berryman, for the other sector of the Call Center is covering in her absents.[ FMLA-Parent]. God bless her.

Task of conversation today is No V S E, New system starting up in the Veteran Affair’s communities.

Well, it was sent in SIMULATION LINK FORM

Below are simulations of the VSE training, please click on each link and practice. We would like for you to get familiar with the new system before training starts.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

For Ms. [ME] system states the following:

Vist A Scheduling: Access: # 1234 provide through entry of STARTING

Verify:     Pa$$word1 provided through entry of STARING System’s

!! Access denied: Not a Valid ACESS CODE / VERIFY CODE pair

Personal                 Access:

Verity Code:

!! Error Calling RPC:

User BONAPARTE, MARIE SYLVIA does not have access to option SDECRPC.

EMAIL – SB- “meanwhile, have discovered, I wasn’t given access to the LINKS in Ms. Osby-Pierce, Michelle, note Cc: to my 6/1/17 New DMO Della Rudd, HAS Chief on 5/22/2017

But the System wasn’t programed for ME, to be educated / practiced form in which to get familiar.

As per Ava Pamela Womack, email which listen:

She send me this statement “ You cannot be considered for the GS-6 level unless you work in all aspects of being a NSA which you are not doing and it has to be in the PACT clinics or Call Center working at the highest level to achieve a GS-6.


Send to Me and Jeffrey Arcaro, then DMO & Assistant Chief to her, before 6/1/2017.

Sector Chief Gisele Arlene Battle-Payne follows it up with:

“ not working at the GS-6 level at this time and therefore will not be referred to the board for promotion”.

Who’ll be learning: I GUESS the Administration I work underneath has made their decision, right.

I am processing forward – with all the hate.

  1. Payne, pushes everything into the Supervisor hand so she doesn’t have to be response for what is being harmed behind her back. [What you don’t know, you can’t answer to, correct].

T Mann, Engineering Department, was thrown underneath the bus, by covering a Chief spot, but can she communicates with Jesse and Wibery, in which to collect a report the doctors we don’t know.

Now, it is time for individual to start taken off, because Vacation, kids out of schools. It always something.

Clearly, the Doctors that have been there for a while are tired, and there action are shown here, like place a Nurse Practitioner in front, – all they have is to listen / read and signature if they agreed.

The courts will not – consider the documentation unless it is counter signed by a doctor if you have a nurse practitioner of sorts.

The transition center [booth 2 & 3], nurse have friend husbands (old boss of Diane Cascalla), Chemical have been pretty regular with house keeps power, perfumes, keyboard cleaner, and what every else is being pulled out of the Nurses Car trunk, Okay.

What’s with the BAD – BAD- BAD folders Wall, trash? OP-267 already has a glass wall, so what’s with this, Emergency disaster every Day Wall, take it down.

Our Director needs to come see this thing. All these walls need to come down, you say Privacy, yes, emergency rooms use curtains. The staff can write the notes as they move along, this way, they can get back the with voice mail, and letters to send out.

G + Question: Is your pass Chief of HAS, still there or was she too detailed.

Directly, from Ava Pamela Womack

Sent:     Thu   5/25/2017   7:51 AM


As I mentioned in a previous email we did some reorganization changes and created Section 5/Data Mgt-Profiles-Auditing under the Office of the Chief HAS and Della Rudd was moved to that Section. We are currently recruiting for an HAS Section Chief for Section 2. Della is still doing both at the present time.

Starting June 1st, Jeff will be detailed to the Group Practice Manager (GPM) position for at least 30 days and could be more since Lindsey the current GPM is being detailed to the Portland VA.

While Jeff is Acting GPM, Della will also serve as Acting Chief HAS since she works directly under me now.

So any issues that you used to involve Jeff in, you will now address them to Della.

As always, still go through your supervisory chain of command to address any concerns.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thank you.


Chief, Health Administration Service

VA Long Beach Healthcare System

Look on a wonderful Note today, have found many of the evening employee’s are coming over into the Day schedule. Vents are broken[ screws loosen, duck tape holding covering together], to my pass labors Welcome.

On a funny, note: one had the Coffee, and a layer cream puff, and my co-worker was paying attention to who it belonged. I asked and he a solider had left them, oh, I given them away, and later the podiatry techic came to inquiry. I just step up to the plate and re-purchased what was share amounts’ the soldiers and staff. [waiting room & clerk at Compensation – Pension].

Everyone enjoy the rest of your Day!

Eiram55, journey to 125


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