13:45hr, thereof I had to remove myself from OP-247, do to June OP-, flagged in Meeting, and staff behavior of spray items into venting system.

The doctor supposedly seen patient at the end of the Hallway, is with what seem to be a patient, but to me, he’s a little too close to be a patient of sorts.

Patient looking for the Black Stick in which to check in for his appointment.

I am asked to why does John Clemens have this box in the corner of his desk with so many buttons. Don’t know.

John Clemens, walking around, the Halls and wanted to know about Patient, claiming he belongs to the other side of the fence [Mental Health] here on our

2nd floor building 126 A. OP-

Ms. F. Gonzales [military], has full Lighting in her examination room now, they were darkened before.

Ms. P. Vilbuena [military- major], seem more force on what it is she’s doing today.

The L. Brainerd, has her computer, punching out her thoughts, and conversation in which connect to patient / clients / interest.

G + Question: You had said in the pass you were having issues and problem with the computer there. Is this still a problem.

Every once in a while, still. I keep track of date to the calendars. I don’t say anything to G. Payne, sector chief, E. Minero, Supervisory, or Chief of HAS.

They just pass it on, know if I thought it was being handled correct why would I be in there faces[ People again that will not get their hands in the dirt even those they had to work hard, before being considered to position].

Check this information from “Tuesday, July 02, 2013 8:28 AM

From:     Herrera, Richard A

To:           All Supervisor, Executives, and Business Rep..

File Name: 20130702090153854 tif

Image dimensions: 1704 x 2200

Last changed:   Tuesday, July 02, 2013



Good Morning,

Please see attached Access List. We have been given authorization by Executive Management for Over/Comp Time to Work down the backlog and address all clerical errors. Please distribute the list according to the proper staff that are trained to identify and clear out any administrative errors.

The system has since changed quite a bit, but still works the same. Good way for Supervisor in danger mood, to undercut worker they don’t like know underneath there authority.

Finally, keep a record on the amount of errors being cleared per staff.

Richard A. Herrera

Business Manager, 3rd floor

I see this as – Even though the different Directors we have had, some individual have been given Supervisor, Supervisory, Manager, should not have “Access-Creation Date”. When you are in someone pocket [credit card of departments, assesses to the money, and forms pertaining to help solider. The 11th floor where the directorship is, needs to assigned a check out or clearance person, before site are presented.

This is why, you can tell what, where and when, I T and other can see I P address, have the up upload what every match and off they go destroying your computers, telephones etc.

Since, then, I T “Fred has had to do switching around and place individuals where they cannot have too much access”

Camera, might be in the facilities, but for money / credit card, dunking and taking the families out on the Veteran Affairs, is command.

Remember the golden rule, those you step on getting to the top, you meet in coming back down.

God / Jesus use the smaller, because they have known reason to rub noses into Jesus mark in the sand.

Thought, action, creative, mission life and then changes.



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