June 7th 2017                                               Wednesday

How’s everyone, out there doing today.

Well in checking on the cleanness of OP-247, still it was STOP. Don’t know as to WHY, but will check tomorrow 6/8/17.

As, you all know I have been waiting since the end of April, asking, didn’t work. So I placed in an ORDER like other worker.


From: Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia Sent: Monday, June 05, 2017 10:04 AM To: Humphries, Eugene; Bunn, James C Cc: Nieves, Neal; Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia Subject: 6/5/17 + detail room cleaning 2nd floor, OP=247


Gentlemen, per email sent “Thursday, May 25, 2017 3:33 PM,  I had request the evening shift team, to clean floors [OP-247].

In a passing conversation with Mr. Humphries 6/2/17, he had said contact, the Mr. James Bunn, Forman.

I would like to have someone’s team to Strip and Wax the floors please.

Thanks in advance.

Otherwise, the Day was full of Appointment, and keep the body as healthy.


June 8, 2017                                      Thursday


I am here, follow-up to what happen, night housekeeper here to return the item back into OP-247 and to inform me it was STOP.

What you mean.

Cammille Johnson-Berryman, was up in a stich as to who gave permission. Okay.

Sent Follow –up mail:

Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia

Sent:     Thu 6/8/2917   7:44 AM

To:         Bunn, James C; Humphries, Eugene

Cc:         Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia


6/6/17  about 15:00hr, Mr. Bunn & Lead Housekeeping came by, to view room. Mr. Bunn had request everything to be moved [was by the evening workers of EMS & Sterilizes Guy].

John Clemens, Business official “Transition Center” Cleared for location of items.

I am following – OP-247, wasn’t stripped or waxed, while off on 6/7/17[ Wednesday].

Was the room re- scheduled for evening shift since, the Day Shift was short and too busy.

Let me know.

Sylvia Bonaparte

As you all can See I am clearly treated differently through Supervisory Administration, any worker and in the pass for myself if you need your examination room clean ask housekeepers.

Can do it, but in this case, this employee that clearly isn’t allowed.

I walking back from OP- 108, communicated with Mr. Bunn, and he said that he did sent a TEAM UP in which to clean the floor’s good.

When, to have a talk with Cammille Johnson-Berryman, about this – but she was on a telephone conference stated by Lead M. Sargent.

I then stated to M. S. what had happen and she too said we place in a order to housekeeping. That apparently doesn’t apply to this employee.


Director: Walt C Dannenberg


The email was wanted by the individual in which he speak, and he was on his way to his office.

Name: C. Johnsson-Barryman of the Call Center, was told by Transition Center Staff.

When to speak with G. Payne, but she was engaged in conversation, WILL Try another time.

@8:40 AM spoken with G. Payne for clarifications as to why I can’t sent Email for examination room’s cleaned,

You have to generate an Work Order we all see it, an then sign off on it.

So, I can place, another, you problem don’t have access therefore Cammille, would have to do it.

Worker, all obtain sheets to where.

Had, ask if the D M O, was in- Having a meeting at this time.

I wonder Why, this engineering is interested in the BOX, with switches, is this to say something’s {OP-242}

I am in a fog as to how much, June Callasan, know about this BOX, and why would you need two, one at this location and another.

Follow –up with P val [military major] if she was able to speak with June about a Key she need [came to me].

She greatly, pulled a KEY out of pocket in which to show.

@8:40hr notes from email response: two- two-two

Ms. Cammille,

Could you place a work order into the system in which for OP-247. To be cleaned.

Left paper works / email chain with M. Sargent, Lead in which to present to C. Johnson-Barryman- Acting Supervisory over me while E. Minero is absent.


  1. Payne, Sector Chief :

As a reminder: Please reframe from initiating requests of this nature.

I have included the Chief of Environmental Services as well as the Assistant Chief to ensure our HAS staff are following the correct protocol when Environmental needs are needed.

Lastly, for notifications purposes  please log into Lync so your supervisor will know if you’re in the office as you are stationed in Bldg 126.


It notify’s the individual who’s spray chemical of the room “stationed in bldg. 126”, usually the Doctor OP-256 or Nurse Practitioner OP-258 [Compensation & Pension], and others.

Patient – sb….The Disability is total disregards with Sector Chief Statement in this email.

Doctor’s documentation is kept in Human Resource and not in Occupational Health [employee’s health location]. Due to the chatting amongst staff, in the pass.

Sir, know we have a professional response as if I was treated like ALL employee’s with breath disability issues.


Following email if the fact place on the table:


From: Johnson-Berryman, Cammille Sent: Thursday, June 08, 2017 12:25 PM To: Bunn, James C; Humphries, Eugene; Kearney, Howard Cc: Payne, Gisele A (Long Beach); Minero, Elva Y; Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia Subject: RE: 6/8/17 + 6/5/17 + detail room cleaning 2nd floor, OP=247

Hello Environmental Team-

Please grant employee’s request to have her office (OP-247) cleaned (to include moping), per her email request sent to me on today, 07/08/17@8:55AM.

Please note, cleaning should be performed after employees tour of duty, which ends at 16:30PM.

Thank  You,

Cammille Y. Johnson-Berryman

Supervisor, Call Center

Health Administration Service

Tibor Rubin VA Healthcare System

Phone: (562)826-8000

On the Date of 07/08/17 @ 8:55AM, she referring to June 2017.

Spoken with Mr. Bunn, he’ll have, to collect another Material Team together for future, completion. I feel know that he has a better understanding, he’ll get it DONE. LBVA – FYI , floor cleaning, per foeman, there isn’t any type of Work Order, just send necessary email, with Room, building, and a exit if need to contact.

This is a day of togetherness / while soldiers are a waiting for what is need.

Eiram55, journey to 125



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