6/8/17              Thursday’s

16:07hr          G.Payne comes with a Green Folder with an email she had download, printed to present to me.


                          “your Lync –Instant messaging [ I M] need to be ON, so that we will know when you’re in the  Room.

                            Sb- I am packing up for the Day ( her eye kept looking as to Why.)  Leaving for the Day, have to walk clear to the back end of facilities Campus in which to

                          Turn back in Project of the Day, handed to me by M. Sargent, Lead.

                           “ your shift isn’t over until, 4:30 right, YES, will it is not 4:30, and you can leave then”.

     16:30hr       With Representation at side processed to the CALL CENTER in which to turn in assignment and no ONE, was answering the Door.. One of the Staff opened it for use, to let use in. I yelled out know response., therefore Walk over this Carpeted location, in the DARK, to the end of a Room to see a Door. Muted!

Margaret Hullett , Supervisor is in the DARK, “ her you scared me” ask if this C. Johnson-berryman office YES. Slipped the folder underneath the door.

You know someone is to be here, in which to take my assignments if you were instructed Not To.

As I am walking away Margret Hullett, stated You were to be here at 4:00. No, I was told at that time, I leave at 4:30 per G. Payne – Sector Chief- John Clemens, business Manager and Angela Nwachuku, Administration Officer for Compensation & Pension. Listening.” As stated by G. Payne.

        17:13hr, in the emergency, Room with Carpet reaction. With team at side

June 9th 2017

At collecting Project of the Day, sent an email regards to Why No one was at OP-108, someone is always there, Why on this particular day No one there.

Explain, I was to stay in OP-247 until 16:30hr, until so the Lync’s “GREEN” would show so.

Cammille Johnson-Berryman, and Margaret Hullett, Supervisor responded.The online course have some upgrade course in which you can take. So look like a winner and other don’t look as if something you can stay forced.VA informational signal program came out, so you can see the future plan for the over- all VA facilities through the four points of the world.

Still didn’t hear anything from HAS secretary, about VSE. No has given the LINK. I guess their waiting for E. Minero return.

YES,  YES I made it, Wow after the ER encounter I didn’t think I would make it to the end of the shift,  I place it in the Lords Hand and he handle it.

No More, Shake Shake.   Think God it is Friday.

Eiram55, journey to 125

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