Chemical 08:54hr,09:13hr, 10:12hr, 10:38hr, 11:21am, OP-267 No Bodies can be seen, the Wall is still up folks, while the chemical become stronger as the Days go by. Now, there are Services Dogs into the waiting location.

The paperwork’s is here, YES, YES, and I have the response from our P O C, thanks Dustin Thompson, you’re a good one on the executive floor. I knew it, you go with your creative [education].

It is afternoon, and I am still a waiting for the email response from Ms. Minero, as she has returned to the post.


Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia

Sent:   Mon 6/12/2017 9:40AM

To:     Foree, Norma; Minero, Elva Y.; Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia

Cc:     Rudd, Della S

Ms. Foree, is our Union –Vice President at the Long Beach VA

Ms. Rudd, 6/1/17 newly appointed HAS, Chief, but under a different, creations.

Ms. Minero, 10/24/16 Newly Supervisory,


Ms. Minero

Welcome- back, was instructed you were back at your post today, and is “following up were you able to complete the Work Order, for desk move onto West Wall, as stated per myself and Union Rep. Vice President Ms. Foree.

Could you send USE the Work Order # for movers {Albert}.please.

  1. Marie Sylvia Ann Bonaparte

Tibor Rubin Medical Center

building 126 A, OP-247 2nd floor Southwest side

5901 East 7th Street

Long Beach, CA    90822


Other Day we had asked whose in HR is Disability Act Programmer, Ely Quesenberry is the POC


Quesenberry, Ely

Sent: Sat 6/10/2017 10:50 AM

To:   Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia; Thompson, Dustin T.

Message: PDF of Book uploaded

Hello Sylvia,

“I am the Local Reasonable Accommodation Coordinator for the facility [Long Beach VA “aka” Tibor Rubin Medical Center].  I assist and facilitate procedures on providing reasonable accommodations to employees or applicants with disabilities in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. “

Have a great day!



Ely Quesenberry MBA, MS

Employee / Labor Relations

HR Specialist

Don’t know what Cammille Johnson-Berryman in which to retrieve the VSE Simulations to active, but way to go. I can know practice as ALL the other Call Center Agents.

Return the assignment back into the hands of the Lead.

Today is the Day the Lord has made.

When you keep PUSHING forward, and he can see, his angels will surround you.

Have a bless Day.

Eiram55, journey to 125


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