June 19th 2017,

I did even notice anyone acknowledging this special day in when the salves were Free. Their freedom was a Big Mark in History to the Black community of domestic work in the mid 1800’s thereof.

I guess, in the words around the hospital, facility, of the Long Beach VA “aka” Tibor Rubin Medical Center, if the liquidation of Health Administration Service (HAS) is dependently happening.

The individual worker, are with head in the down word matter today. It like what is wrong now, did you and your’s have a wonderful father day. Be happy!

I am.

 20th June 2017

I went to collect, the project of the Day, to find M. Sargent did in deed present E. Minero with the chain of emails in which assist me in moving forward in completing “V S E” systems, and now just waiting for titled floors to come available in which to complete my course ahead of time.

The chemical are in it highest flow, in which the represented, was able to detect as well during her visit today.

Noted, the Silver Box shields in which some sort of flow system is being check according to Governmental status / policy/ rule and corrects.

The Director assembled a large, environment team in which to go around and check all room’s (@09:54hr) according, in which the police was present to open the doors if need be. Interesting how some area became very protective of their spaces, and questioning to what going on. Our new doctors were not recognized with this sort of processing and had to question the Medical Support Assistance.

GREAT, maybe in the near future, with the changes here at the LBVA, we can have a list of what it is the environmental team is looking.

It would seem the IRON fencing is going to take longer, in getting placed around the campus grounds.

I am not seeing where a gate would go on the seventh street entry, or the Bellflowers side.

Patient flow in the waiting room area for Compensations & Pension, Transition and Care Management Services (TCM), and mental health is moving better.

You can tell also, because it has been a while since patients have had to complain about leaving Voicemail on a nurse’s line and No Return phone calls.

The patients have smiles, of joy, peace upon their faces, etc.Finally the Long Beach VA “aka” hasn’t presented the document of changes.

I assume, all will have to wait until Wednesday 21st of June 2017 in for the Director to make his plan to the hospital. As a result G. Payne, Sector Chief did provide hard copies for use to have on the new wording of clinics.

Eiram55 journey to 125

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