Okay, I am back, and it would seem some interesting things were said about the infrastructure of the divisions, through the hospital.

Still, waiting to see how the information will be sent for those who missed the Town Hall Meeting 6/21/17.

The newly, VistA, outlooks, system were applied to sort computer by not ALL.

The Skype / IM , system is pretty cool, because it will provide the same, but look as those you’ll be able to skype with other workers.




From: Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia Sent: Thursday, June 22, 2017 1:43 PM To: Rudd, Della S; Osby-Pierce, Michelle; Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia Cc: Michalowski, Cheryl F; Holmes, Eric (Long Beach); Bayan, Fred Subject: 6/22/17 + Newly system placed 6/22/2017 after midnight


The information requested in which to move forward:

From: NSD System Notification [mailto:noreply@nsd.va.gov] Sent: Thursday, June 22, 2017 1:36 PM To: Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia Subject: R15199293FY17 Open – Software.Application.IMACD.VHA R1

Request R15199293FY17 Initial.

Customer: Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia Sylvia Customer Phone: (562) 826-5860 Customer Email: MarieSylvia.Bonaparte@va.gov Customer Org: Veterans Integrated Service Network VISN 22 Customer Location: VA Long Beach Healthcare System Priority: 4 Request Area: Software.Application.IMACD.VHA R1 Summary: AEU needs to have new o365 Suite installed to computer.

Description: AEU needs to have new o365 Suite installed to computer.AEU was told to put in ticket by local IT. AEU has receive the new vista but still needs outlook and Skype installed.User iD: VHALONBONAPS  Ext: (562) 826-5860  Bldg/Loc: long beachOffice/Cube: 126 /Rm 247EE: 122-196Workstation ID: NA

In just a couple of weeks or so CHAMPVA, is possible no more, the veteran of our passes spouse / partner will be response for finding their care.

Some clinic area can provide extension, to their care according to doctor recommendations.

For a Thursday the clinic are slow, on all area of the floors. I observed the clerks cleaning up their last notes of the day.

The nurses of our, [Transitions Center, Mental Health, and Compensation &Pension, are/connect trying to call back the patients which are needed.

June 23/2017


Thank God it is Friday, with John Gray in the heavens sending down his worded it has just been, wonderful.

I am still having to walk clear to the back of Campus [South to the North] in which to collect the projects / task of the months (days, and weeks).

This has been a week of rushing to complete paper works for both the Long Beach VA “aka” Tibor Rubin Medical Center.

It was stated during the Environmental Walks through the area on Monday that sort Print Room’s would be Locked therefore we would have to use the one’s out in the open areas.

My question is if this is to be SO, place the Badger Lock onto them, Not Key access [ money saver, we have to many key’s floating around here as it is], or even have individual place in the last four of

Their social security numbers, ya there is a thought.

I have place in a response to the Director Team , so we can read of listen to what has accrued during the Town Hall meeting. Then, those were interested in placing a input can.

I am hoping the N V A C, in Los Vegas, team comes back with some wonderful ideas on how to keep better tracks of the Venting, Heating, and Air System’s -GOOD LUCK.

The Long Beach VA “aka” Tibor Rubin Medical Center, still hasn’t present a Venting Report / they are not projected here, and so the doctor’s will not be able to present a correct Disability Report as Requested by Human Resource Department (HR) Long Beach VA “aka” Tibor Rubin Medical Center.

The Housekeeper Services, staff is here making round a foreman, checking the different rooms as nursing staff de-keys each one [“why don’t you all have your own KEY’s].

Sorry doctor that not how it’s done here at this hospital.

As a result, housekeeper, Lee, would need to STOP spraying the solution to the floor and using these micro mop’s they are leave a flame to the floor’s and it gets all up in your shoes. It end up in our floors at home, mate in the cars, and for those who seat with their leg crossed in the bottom of your pants. NASTY.. Please, help housekeeper to understand clean water, it should be changed after mopping, three to four room ONLY., depend on the dirt.

Finally, I know some people a busy during the weeks and let things go until next week or the weekends, at least clean, your work area, dust and organize. It will help you be more creative, print the vision in which you would like to have your Director’s be proud.

Creative: ask you worker underneath you, what do you think [DO NOT TAKE ALL THE CREDIT FOR YOURSELF].

For the worker given, there suggest, write them down- so you’ll remember and step up For Your Full Credit, remember you’re the one making them look good, especially if they are bold to ASK.

Eiram55 journey to 125


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